T-Shirt Cannon

Anyone else notice that the T-Shirt Cannon was MIA on Saturday? I didn't really notice until after a couple TDs, and I searched the corners. Nothing.

I was told it was stolen. Maybe it was sold. In any event, I’m told it’s not coming back.

You’ll probably find it for sale down at the local Pawn shop. :wink:

After the death of Maud Flanders, the tee shirt cannon was looked upon as a deadly weapon. FLANDERS! FLANDERS! :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who still loves the Simpsons)

T-shirt cannons are a very American type of thing. Perhaps a T-shirt trebuchet would better suit Canadian sports venues and their fans.

The cannon was pretty useless. It couldn't even reach the top part of the lower bowl and ran out in seconds. The old slingshot provided more excitement that lasted longer WITH the possibility that a good shot might reach the upper bowl.

I also noticed there was no in game hostess that interacts with the fans for contests, which I also noticed was missisng. etc.

Has the Ticats TV replaced this?

If it was indeed stolen, one would assume that there would be insurance on such an expensive item.

American or not, we had one, it was used for every touchdown, and it just mysteriously disappeared.

It was more like an oversized Gatling gun...

All it really needed was some adjustments to increase the distance. Each ring should have a higher pressure to shoot further. Our seats are in 112. Last year we got peppered once or twice each game. However, I never managed to catch one.

Next Game they should hold a moments silents for the T-Shirt Cannon RIP :frowning: