Just released the Argo's trade a draft pick to the Riders for QB Dalton Bell, a raw rookie. Looks like there is no interest from the Argo's to bring in Buck Pierce. If ppl think the Bombers are shallow at the QB position should look at the Argo's roster, on another note i cannot see Pierce in Winnipeg either, if having a veteren QB here was really a huge issue we should've kept Bish or sign Joseph, both do not have an injury list a mile long as Pierce does.

....lets see....Bucky vs. the Bish. and Joseph......even with his tendency towards injury.....I'm going with Bucky :wink:

Of those three so would I. . . Buck is a far better passer than either Bishop or Joseph.

if we are trying to develope one of our current qbs i dont really see bringing buck in with his injuries as a bad thing (only for his health) he would not see a full 18 games, could be a great mentor and great insurance on the bench, if his body cant hold up were back to the guys we have now... and the coaching staff seem to be optimistic about out current situation... either way nothing to do but wait and see how it plays out

just for fun... my darkhorse that i predict will take the reighns at some point this season = adam dimichele... good attitude, young, good cfl skill set (mobile, dec arm, etc..) i really like the look of his throws on the run from the few videos ive seen.

dimichele is my sleeper also but i think he's content with spending time on the pr/ir and waiting until his time comes, will that be this year? probably not but i think people will be surprised with him for sure. He has the attitude u need for sure and is a great guy by all accounts, hey he actually adds u on facebook if u say you're a bomber fan, cool guy and he will talk to you. He's a nice guy.. does that mean anything? NO. but at the same time, the guys got skills and he's my darkhorse too.

I dont think we should right off lefors, i dont think we should right off jyles and i dont think we should right off santos eiter, i think all of them will show what they can do and i think they will all succeed.

U know u look around the league right now and what if durant gets hurt in sask, theres no jyles this year, what if gibran and bell suck crap, who's toronto got, what if burris goes down, who's calgary got, same with edmonton, ya mass but he hasnt done alot in a few years now.

Bombers arent as bad off at qb as some think.

Durant has had 1 good year, im not putting him in the same category as burris calvillo or ray just yet. He needs to show this year that last year wasnt a fluke and he needs to do that this year with no safety net in jyles behind him.

Back to buck tho.. the biggest question is... DOES BUCK WANNA PLAY IN WINNIPEG? i dont think so. I think he ends up in calgary backing up hank and taking notes from dave dickenson who is their qb coach i beleive. buck and dave have history. Its just my opinion but if he ends up anywhere in the cfl, it will be calgary.

Only problem is that the Bombers have a bunch of "who do so and so have after their starters", without the having the starter.

i actually think he may want to come to wpg.. this is no doubt his best chance at earning a starting job! even if hes signed as a back up with our inexperienced qbs he would be bound to see a decent amount of playing time... unless he isnt looking to become a starter again.. then sure sign with calgary... i think his competitive spirit would lead him to wpg or to tho,,, if theyre interested

Barker has said in Toronto that he's not intereted in Buck. . . although I'm not at all sure I understand why. . .

Buck could end up in Calgary as a backup if Barker, who certainly knows the Stamps' personnel, makes a trade to acquire one of their current backups, Nealy or Tate, which I still think might happen. Something tells me either of those 2 may just be more ready to take on a starter's role than the 2 QBs Barker has signed so far.

I dont know Madjack... This Hamdan fellow seems to be pretty humble and realizes that he needs to learn the CFL.

If he is succssfull in doing so I think Toronto could have a respectable offence this season

The concussion issue seems to be Barker's reasoning. I read in one article that he's not interested in Pierce because of his experience in Calgary with Dickenson a couple seasons back.

why are u so pro argos but so anti bombers?

whats your deal..

this hamdan kid is a raw ROOKIE, he's a 3rd stringer from a crappy nfl team who never even took a snap last year.. like whats up with that man? are u an argo fan cuz all i see from u is ARGOS are gonna be good then when someone talks of the bombers, u just rip them a new one. whats your deal? seriously...

LOL Wut? what on earth are you talking about.... whats wrong with giving an eastern opponant a little respect and not underestimating them?

as for the bombers, I bleed blue and gold buddy....

you have what, 150 posts? times that by 10 and thats what I got.... Been around a long time and have always supported the bombers.... dont come on here getting ll self righteous and start preachin at me..

......IS THIS ????what it's like in our locker-room :roll: :lol: C'mon guys we're all on the same team.. :thup:

......i'll vouch for james, killer....he is a very good Bomber fan :thup:

Killer just doesn't deal very well with points of view that are not identical to his.....

yeah the amount of posts totally prooves your a bigger fan yup. just means u have more time to kill than i do. but whatever good to know, guess nothing wrong with supporting the other teams just seems that you're very pro argos and very anti bombers. Just comes across that way at times. WHATEVER. why do u get so defensive tho? like really i was just wondering, look at your posts.. u Have a hard on for everything the argos do and kinda rip on what the bombers do UNLESS im reading your posts wrong but whatever.