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Sharp and to the point :slight_smile: Like a swiss knife in a warm tub of shiat :slight_smile:

This line from the article sums up this situation completely for me:

"While it is understandable that city council would like to rebuild the waterfront, the Games and Ticats don’t deserve to be held hostage in those attempts."

Thanks for the update Tips! Its people like you (pessimist)that can't see the bigger picture. Enjoy the season! :wink:

Can't say I disagree with any of it.

Yup, can't say I disagree with this article, good piece. I imagine that will make Fred a bit peeved reading this one. :wink:

Like the word 'hostage', that is what Fred is doing here to the Games and TigerCats, I have to agree.

Mayor Fred's Waterfront Stadium will be the perfect bookend to Copps Colliseum.

I wonder where Bob will re-locate the TiCats to?

City Hall is an absolute clown show. They are an embarassment. This stadium is very important for the Ticats, and politicians are doing everything in their power to make it hard for the Ticats to make money in it. It's a complete joke. Now tax dollars are being spent on a mediator to adjust a bad decision made by city hall that was rushed through, probably primarily because local contractors in bed with Eisenberger are getting kickbacks if the stadium is built where he wants it to be built. All of Canada should be laughing at this three ring circus.

HfxTC; ...and he got this right:

            "Take the Oskee-Wee-Wee out of Hamilton and there isn’t any point in the city even having a stadium."

A large part of Canada is definitely laughing at this situation. It confirms, in their minds, the view that there is no leadership, no determination, no vision at work in Hamilton.
I was there in the days when Vic Copps was mayor. Not everybody liked him, but when a situation like this came along, he could grab people by the scruff of the neck, push them in the direction he wanted them to go, and GET THINGS DONE.

With real leadership, Hamilton could become prominent in the Canadian landscape, a standing
which they certainly do not enjoy now. Witness all the talk now about an NHL team going where? To Winnipeg! After it has been proven that Hamilton would love to embrace a team.

Sadly, there is an opportunity for a leader with foresight, determination, and the will to be 'the best' to step forward and take charge. Does Hamilton have such a leader? To those of us on the outside, it would appear that the answer is 'NO!"

I find it pretty hard to take anything that poorly written very seriously. I don't know, I find articles in the Sun (like that one) a fairly entertaining read, but I don't think anyone sees much from that paper as any kind of intellectual authority.

In my humble opinion, this article has some basis in the facts (and has a very tenuous, by-the-tips-of-the-fingers grip on reality) it's solely to get a cheap reaction.

Say what you will about the article, its bang on. BUFFOOOONS

No Corp is going to sponsor a stadium that you cant see or cant get to.

This site is just the HAAA grounds only newer.

Opposite view from Fan590 Sports Director Doug Farraway

[url=http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/deacon/2010/05/11/sign-on-or-sign-off/]http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/deac ... -sign-off/[/url]

Yeah, because no sponsor wants 400k -1.0m hearing and seeing their name on national TV 9 nights a year, or splashed in the ink of daily and national newspapers, or discussed by solid segment of the city's population, or visited and enjoyed by 24-30k people 10-12 nights between June and November. Yeah, those kind of advertising properties are a dime a dozen.

No argument there. But me thinks they would also like to see millions of eyes driving by each and every day 24/7 seeing this magnificent structure and saying, whats that? Oh its CIBC stadium or whatever.

Go to the concert at CIBC stadium.

no one is going to sponsor it for hey high school football at ...where???

Thats why the present structure, minus the magnificence is called IWS and not sponsored, as is COPPS Coliseum.

Never been to a game at Buffalos baseball park but I know from driving by its called coca cola park...hmmm they must be on to something.

Trust me on this one -- the billboard aspect is an element of title-sponsorship of buildings. But, if you want eyeballs on a highway there are many more cost-effective ways to acheive it then getting involved in a stadium sponsorship deal. Brand recognition for the stadium could be acheived through a sign (not unlike the Copps sign on the highway) -- though, yes, less impactful than a larger structure.

Ever driven by CanadInns Stadium? Me neither. Yet, that name has been etched into my brain -- despite living about 25 hours away.

How about the Canon Theatre? Anyone?

Again, every situation is different. BMO paid what, $10 mill with no retail etc. development needed. But it depends on what's on the table, obviously Hamilton west harbour or downtown is different than where BMO is located in Hamilton, maybe in Hamilton to get the bucks from sponsors you need more than just a stadium, I don't know but it seems that way. And downtown Hamilton may be what the corporate world deems as about the worst of the worst in Canada image-wise so no way is anyone going to touch this one. Seems that way to me. At least not right now.

To BMO 10 million is pocket change to promote itself in order to sell those “special morgages” to new Canadians.


If that's the case, it sure makes an awful lot of sense that our civic leaders do something to change that impression. Get a polished up segment of the downtown area and then have it showcased 10 times a year on national television for 3 hours at a time. Then maybe, if advertising has taught us anything, perceptions will change paving the way for a change in behaviour.

Hmmm, wonder if there are any provincial funds coming available to pull off such an ambitious initiative? Hmmmmm....

We can only hope the The Former Mayor runs in to Knock the Current Mayor out of his Ivory Tower.

Cause I think bob will fold the Team or sell if he don't get his way
I personally don't see any buyers for this Money pit
so it will be Folding if Bob don't get his way