t.o. or moss?

in the last couple of years, before randy got to oakland, if you were to ask me who i would rather have, i would have said t.o.-hands down, given moss' past. now since his re-emergence as a quality person and has bought into the new england way and with the other 81 acting like a complete jackass, baby, whiner, ego maniac now in dallas, there is no question that i would favour randy 9 times out of ten in any conversation when it comes to great receivers of my time. sorry t.o. but you could really learn something from a guy who has gained ground on you and passsed you in almost every way a football player is judged -you're nothing but a buster.

It would have to be Moss. Before Owens got to Philly and acted up he would have been considered one of the best. But Randy’s problems never really dragged his teammates down with him. He acted like a lil kid but he still played ball on Sunday. Terell brought attention to himself by being a rah-rah look at me I’m the best Im T.O. whatever I say is the truth kinda thing. That is why is he became a free agent I don’t think any team aside from Oakland would touch him.

TO. It is not even close.

What!? Care to explain?

If u took away the personalities, attitudes and past troubles and went down to who is the more talented football player this is how i'd break it down.

Size: TO wins hands down as he's jacked and Moss is a toothpick....point TO
Hands: Both have amazing hands but TO suffers from the droppsies from time to time....point Moss
Speed: Everyone knows Moss is fast so they give him a cushon, TO's speed is extremely deceptive and people usually don't expect it.....Point TO
Big game performances: TO singlehandedly kept the eagles in the Superbowl (while hurt) where Moss all but disappeared in the Playoffs last year.....Point TO

Granted this is extremely biased as its my opinion but in Moss's defence he hasn't always had the same quality QB's as Owen's has but if u went strickly on who is the more talented and physically dominating reciever, regardless of issues they have, i think its TO

This doesn't make any sense to me. You give a point to the guy who is slower?? just because he is deceptively fast. Yes T.O is fast, but he is not Randy Moss fast.

I would take Moss over T.O.

I’d probably take Reggie Wayne over the both of them…

What i ment was they are both equally fast but because TO is as big as he is (compared to Moss) that defenders don't expect the speed he has compared to when they cover Moss. Hence he is more deceptively fast.

Moss is way more of a jackass. People forget how bad he was in Oakland because he didn't try. Then he goes to New England (in a trade that was absolutely ridiculous for Oakland) and he becomes God's gift to mankind again. Are you kidding me?

Terrell Owens can be a bit much, but nobody can say that he has ever given up on his team like Randy Moss has. I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and even I think that the whole ordeal there was just as much, if not more, on the team and Donovan McNabb. That $49,000,000 contract was horrible and TO would not have seen even half of that, but people automatically assume he wanted more money than that $49,000,000. And people already forget how much work he put into healing his body so he could help the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

As far as skills go, I would still take TO. Randy Moss has better hands and may be a bit faster, but Terrell Owens does a much greater job of blocking, and isn't afraid to make contact with anyone. He runs over people, which is definitely something anybody would want out of their top receiver. Also, Terrell Owens makes tackles. At least twice this year he has run down the field and prevented a touchdown on a Romo pick.

An Eagles fan defending TO? Wow!! Never thought I'd ever see that again! TO is a [beep]. Can you believe I was actually gonna get his name on the back of my jersey? However, I will agree that in Super Bowl 39 if D.Mac hadn't thrown up, we would have won that game and Terrell would have won MVP. I hope this sunday somebody on the Eagles just smacks Owens in the mouth!

If the Eagles were to sign Moss I'd jump for joy. I'd be one of the happiest people on this earth.

Both are head cases with large egos. Id leave them both behind and get somebody else.

That's exactly what I said Sporty. I'd take Reggie Wayne over both of them.

I’d take Larry Fitzgerald over any other receiver in the league. He’s big, fast got argueably the best hands in the NFL and he’s one of the nicest guys and best team guys u’ll ever meet. Plus he’s on my Arizona Cardinals :smiley:

There is a statement not many people would have made a couple years ago. But then again i am not proclaiming i am a Blue Jackets fan to the rest of the world, or not until at least Nash gets another 80 points.

hey dont forget about Anquan Boldin, hes probably just as good, he may not have the same hands as Fitzgerald but man, Anquan is a BEAST.

IMO the best reciever in the NFL as of RIGHT NOW is Andre Johnson.

great route runner
super fast
great hands

and you wont see him shooting himself (plaxico) or punching teammates(steve smith) or complaining hes not getting the ball(T.O)or pretending to moon crowds (Randy Moss) . not many people realize how good he his because he is on the texans, but he is always near the top of the league in stats. and look who is throwing him the ball, Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels.

Yup, that's a new one "my Arizona Cardinals"! Wow, before you know someone will be saying the same thing about the Detroit Lions. Well, ok, that's too much of a stretch in my lifetime I would say and I hope to be around for another 25 years and a bit. :slight_smile:

I am hoping to have >70 years and I dont see that happening!