T.O newstadiium loctn? oakville, msga, pickering, osh, kitch

Listening to Fan radio and discussions about a different location for the Argonauts was an interesting topic and might actually be the solution. Possibly getting an outside community like Oakville, Mississauga, Pickering, Oshawa, Kitchener, Brampton, Vaughn, Caledon, Markham might actually work for the Argonauts, CFL, and the communities involved.....

I don't think Mississauga is a good location. They mentioned that most Argonauts fans and season ticket holders live north lake which brings up Oshawa. What an amazing opportunity for that community if they can get the Argonauts.

To build a beautiful stadium along the lake with great developers to build around the stadium would be perfect.

If the Argos do. to secure a place in a revamped BMO stadium , then there will be no Argos in 2018, then no Ticats in 2020, then no CFL. Sad but true. The league needs to do all it can to get BMO done,even if that means taking the team away from Braily

Why would there be no Pussycats in 2020?
Hamilton has a solid fan base.

first.... toronto is not folding cause of a stadium issue lol.....

second. if the team did fold, hamilton nor the cfl would fold. the league doesn't need toronto in the league. don't believe all that garbage.....

third. the issue is, MLSE is the only possible buyer at this point cause the city does not want to spend money on a new stadium and MLSE is the main tenant at BMO Field. The problem is MLSE dreams of a NFL franchise. (Which will never happen) NFL is not coming to Toronto in the next 20 years, 40 years, ever... I find it amazing that people in MLSE keep talking this or even thinking its a possibility. I truly believe they are running a scam of some sort that makes them having to make people think the NFL is coming. It's amazing.

The best scenario is, find an owner who wants to develop a community like Ottawa and use a football team as a main tenant. That is why going to Oshawa is #1 and then other communities.

As a resident in Oshawa, I would so love this. However I do not think the city will go for it nor will the Argos or the other levels of government. We went through this discussion and dreaming when somone brought up moving the ti-cats a few years back during the planning for Ivor Wynne/Timbits field.

They're in the their stadium now...

Markham, Brampton I can see... But Oakville, Mississauga aren't you starting to protrude into Hamilton's marketing area?

If it was me I would never build a new stadium that relied on the Argos to make it fiscally sound.
New stadia are successful when building on a strength....a team has a demonstrable fan base that is demanding more. I've yet to see a struggling franchise in any sport do well, long term, due to their city spending several hundred million on a new building in order to attract ghost fans. It just doesn't work that way.

If you were a private investor, or the taxpayer, what could possibly make you believe ( not hope) that there are enough Argo fans out there to make it worthwhile? I just don't see it. I don't buy that there is any pent up demand to see live CFL ball in Toronto ...that a lousy stadium is the reason they are not attending. That stadium today, with the sun shining in was looking pretty good. Fools gold I think.

They are going to have to fit into an existing spot I believe.