T.O media prints NFL story on Grey Cup sunday

This ridiculous Bon Jovi NFL story pushed the Grey Cup into 2nd place this morning in the national media. That was the only goal here...and perhaps to give a defibrillator shock the flagging ticket sales of the Bills game next week. If you check the originating story it was about Bon Jovi firing his longtime guitarist to save up money to buy the Bills and hobnobbing with some NFL bigshots. Toronto is hardly even mentioned in the story. :roll:

People still think its a good idea to have MLSE sitting at the CFL Board of Governors ?

"Larry, agree, Buffalo is a hick town and Canadians who are Canadian football fans are hicks as well. So let's do this and move the Bills to prestigious Toronto, who cares what Ralph Wilson or Roger Goodell think or Bills fans in Buffalo and NY state, they are goofs and hicks as well and out to lunch. We are the only ones that matter"


He does have good hair, tho. :thup:

NEWS FLASH: BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Jon Bon Jovi's publicist tells The Associated Press that while the New Jersey rocker is interested in becoming an NFL owner one day, he's not currently pursuing the Buffalo Bills.

Ken Sunshine calls a report that Bon Jovi is actively involved in purchasing the Bills "preposterous."

I had that same exact jacket in 1988 :slight_smile:

definitely a conflict of interest if this reported partnership has any merit whatsoever.

and I had the same exact stoned look in 1988. :smiley:

I had that same hair in 1988. :wink:

Damage Control Alert

Yup. If you were Ralph Wilson, you would not be pleased either. Stupid, stupid, stupid. All in the hope of damaging the Grey Cup. Nice to see it is backfiring.

There must be fair competition Laws being broken here!!

The Government should revoke Rogers corporate licence for doing business outside their mandate!!

I wonder if Bon Jovi has learned a lesson here that MLSE and those under the influence of MLSE in Toronto have absolutely 0 scrupples, zilch, and you better watch what you say to anyone in MLSE.

Do you have a link?

Don't know if you guys accidentally happened to flip over to ROGERS Sportsnet on Grey Cup Sunday.

Their panelists were in disbelief and couldn't even explain themselves and were basically making jokes about why Tom Hanks would be at a CFL game, and they were both laughing about it. Can you guys believe these Rogers clowns?

I still swear on my life, that Rogers purposely turned up the volume too loud one their advertisements during the 2007 Western Final against Saskatchewan. EVERYONE was complaining, and it was like Rogers every break and it was sooo loud that even as a 24 year old at the time I couldn't stand it even.

I wonder if Mr. Hanks will show up for the Bills-Falcons game? Never mind. I already know the answer. :thdn:

Yeah I just couldn't believe the audacity of the panel on Sportsnet there just totally making fun of the CFL. It really pissed me off.

Nobody should be surprised by this type of crap, it's been happening for a few years now.

Although I find it odd that the Canadian media seems to think that Jovi will move the team up here, yet all the U.S reports over the last month or so, say that he wants to keep the team in Buffalo.

I mentioned this Chris Cuthbert on twitter "you ever notice every year around Grey Cup there's some story about an NFL Toronto bid, as if to attempt to thwart the Grey Cup? "

He favorited that tweet.

We're not the only ones that notice these things, there's definitely some sort of anti-CFL group out there no question.

Here is a Rogers owned website http://www.thescore.com/
If you click on more sports you will find this for CFL http://www.thescore.com/cfl
Basicly since Rogers took control of the website... Not one story on the CFL. yet they cover college basketball.
What a gd joke!!!!
This is a Canadian sports website owned by Rogers. what a sad pathetic country Canada is.
Iam ashamed to be Canadian. This is the only country in the world where something like this could occur