..T.O......limping in...

...Watch-out for the wounded dog.....I hope the Bombers don't take it easy on the Bruce-less boatmen...cuz that's when you get bit in the azz....The Argos have a decimated receiving corps coming into this one....I see Joseph taking off a lot...time to put some hurt on a qb. (i mean in a good way) and start playing like this team can....Take no prisoners ...no sympathy ...trounce em... :rockin: :rockin: GoBigBlue

Our defense will win this one, but our offense will be improved......it can't be any worse that it has been...can it?????

Winnipeg 26 Toronto 18

Its do or die for the Bombers tonite, if they lose Kelly will be under some big pressure to bring in a decent QB to move the offence, still dont understand the release of Dinwittie the times i saw him play his arm was much better then Leflors? its going to be an interesting game as both teams are desperate for a turn around

And there aren't really any decent QB's lying around so they'd have to trade for one. Just ask the Riders, they have a few hundred they could spare :lol:

That's not true at all. If you saw them at training camp side by side Lefors has a lot more zip on his passes. The 1st two games this year his arm strength looked fine. The last game against the Ticats he was injured early and it affected his throwing motion.

some guys do better at training camp then others or in practices but in the game the other guy can play better, I heard Dickenson when in the NFL did not do well in practices thats why he did not get much of a shot, but put him in the game he shines. they either find someone use there other man or write the season off with Leflors because with him as a starter the Bomber season is over now

Toronto's offense is in complete disarray. Their defense has been decent but isn't good enough to compensate for their offensive woes. Their kick-return game is nonexistent -- the man they were using to kickstart it has likely played his last game in double Blue.

If the Bombers can't win this week, boy. It sure won't look good.

Unfortunately, most Bomber fans won't be satisfied with anything short of a complete butt kicking tonight.

I'd happy just to see the offense score a couple TD's.

It's a home and home series.............if either team sweeps, the other is in deep doo-doo.......................I'd anticipate a split..........with this first one going Winnipeg's way.....................

...I believe this is where LeFors has to make it happen ....anything short of that...it's square one for the BigBlue in the qb. dept....and these games could go either way....Lets see if Mikes plan to simplify the offence has some success....failing that it could be back to the drawing board as far as the coaching is concerned as well...... :wink: GoBigBlue... :rockin: Although this is only game 4....the direction in which each of these clubs is headed, will become quite clear after this home and home .... :wink: How many pics for Shabazz tonight...heh heh.. :wink: :rockin:

I'm not sure who to take in this game. Toronto's offense is grossly under estimated. KJ is moving the chains with authority an Jamal Robertson leads the league in yards from scrimmage. They just need to watch their turnovers.

Winnipeg on the other hand, can't put points on the board if their life depended on it. Actually it does. Lefors is probably still hurt or sore from that hit he took last week. The defense on the other hand has been good enough.

I am not putting any down on either of those tonight, could go either way. Those expecting TO to rollover are in for a surprise however.

…We defend the run quite well…and looking at the receivers that T.O. won’t be deploying against us…and the resurrection of our dbs is a plus… also…LeFors HAS to step-up…IF he does…i like our chances… :wink:

Home team should win those games... Lefors can really help his coach by putting some points on the board tonight. If TO takes this one, the pressure next week will be INCREDIBLE.

this back to back is life on the line for lefors. toronto's d is not horrible but right now there are a lot tougher defenses than to's so if in back to back teams against6 the same d we cant move the ball through the air we are in big trouble, our defence can only hold us in so many games..

but on that note imagine how good our d would be if our offense didnt go 2 and out everytime!!! really liking this unit so far

I don't know if I like Toronto's chances of watching their turnovers against a team that's forcing four of them a game so far..

It would be very nice if the offense actually did something for a change though, that's for sure.

If Lefors stumbles then they should let Williams have a go. Something they should of done last week!!!!

If all KJ is going to do is run, he's going to be hurting by 2nd half. As for Robertson, this is where, I believe, the Bombers defense shows us just how tough they are against the run. As far as I can recall, nobody has rushed for 100 on us, and I think the highest would have been around 75 yards (could be wrong on that), but either way, Andrus is in big trouble if he thinks he can put the game on Robertson alone.

And all this hate mail towards Mike Kelly for the offense...I love the guy for the attitude he's brought back to our defense. They're aggressive, physical, play with a chip on their shoulder, it's smash mouth football and it's high time we saw that kind of attitude on our D. Anyone writing the Bombers off cause of Lefors apparently hasn't been watching our defense that closely, aside from a let down in the 4th quarter last week, and a brief lapse in the 2nd quarter against Edmonton, they've been red hot...except for Craver, still not in love with him but maybe he'll shape up.

Look for guys like Heffney and Jovo to be adding to their interception totals

Actually it looks like he wants to throw interceptions... 3 points of turnover #1

I understand that's only the second chance you've had to get upset with LeFors' interceptions, but let's let it become a habit before you bash the kid for it. There's enough other things you can say he's playing poorly for, you should at least pick one of them so you might have a case..

That was Kerry Joseph...I was bringing up :?