T.O Grey CUP

The Argo Prez was on the Fan 590 this week and the Grey Cup is sold out. he said he could have sold 80,000 tickets if he had them. Would be nice to see some of the T.O papers pick this up, since when they announced that T.O was getting the Game a lot of the T.O sports writers wrote how it will be a hard sell in T.O. How does Crow taste boys

I'd like to know what his criteria is for considering a seat to actually be "sold".

Argo season ticket holders had the option to purchase 2 additional seats for each season ticket they had by placing a $50 deposit on each seat. I've got 7 season tickets so I put down a deposit on 21 Grey Cup tickets. There was nothing obligating me to purchase all 21 tickets though - - if I'd decided I only wanted to buy two tickets my $50 deposit for each of the other 19 would have been applied to the total cost.

I wanted all 21 of the tickets to be as close to midfield as possible, preferrably between rows 15 to 25. I was surprised at the number of different seating combinations I had to choose from. Everything from pairs to a block of six.

What would have happened to the other 19 that I originally put a deposit on if I decided I didn't want to go through with the purchase? They'd have to be sold to someone else. You can't consider the ticket to be "sold" until the FULL amount has been collected, not just a $50 deposit. That my friend, is NOT a sell out.

Did you buy all of your 21 tickets? I did.
How lucky you are to get that many choices. I guess that being an ARGO season ticket holder has it's perks.
I guess that they are going by all of the deposits at this point.
They will still make $50 per ticket for those people who change their mind and then they can sell those tickets again. :cowboy:
Still this is one hell of a lot better situation than in 1992 and I believe it is a sell out or very close to it. :rockin:

If your not a Season Ticket Holder, Toronto/Hamilton, your chances of getting a ticket are slim, and if you manage to be one of the 500 tickets held back for the public sale in June I dont think the seats will be that good, say 500 level row 100 in the corner.

So, get your season tickets, the perks are awesome !!

I think i will believe Chris Rudge, Listen below

[url=http://www.fan590.com/ondemand/media.jsp?content=20120412_075435_5592]http://www.fan590.com/ondemand/media.js ... 75435_5592[/url]

Thanx for the link tc23. Being from the west i dont think to look at the fan590 to get my CFL fix. That was a great interview and if i was an Argos fan, i would feel very encouraged by what was said. thanx again.

If you don't buy all your tickets, i don't think there will be a issue, selling them. Since they are only holding back less then 1,000 for the public sale in June. He also said he could have sold 80,000 tickets if he had the seats.

Sell outs are decided by how many PAIRS or more of tickets are sold. People usually go to an event with some one.
Even if any event says that it is sold out you can always get some single seats. This applies to sporting events and rock concerts , ect...

The ALS got an unfair rap about not having many true sell outs because there were some singles seats left.
What the writer of that story failed to mention was that ALL sell outs have some single seats left.

As for the 2012 , GREY CUP and ARGO fans , it was first come first served. Maybe the person who bought 21 tickets and had many choices was because he was faster at buying his tickets than other Argo fans were.?

I am an ARGO season ticket holder and I didn't even get my seats in the ARGO DOUBLE BLUE ticket area.
I was allowed to get cheaper seats any where that I wanted to.. :thup:

So is the Double blue section sold out ??

To be a part of this bistoric event will be beyond words I say. :thup:

Gotta hand it to our friends in Hogtown.
There is obviously still a strong CFL base in that city.
Hopefully the Argos can give them something to make them want to go to games.

But of course nary a word from the big name media types in that city about the game already selling out.
Because after all, they were predicting a PR disaster for the CFL.
And will they ever admit they were wrong?

Then again these were the same guys saying the Buffalo Bills would sellout the Skydome at any price.
I think they should keep their predictions to themselves.

Yes, I took all 21 that I'd been allotted.

You're incorrect about making $50 per ticket off people who change their mind. If I'd only taken 20 instead of the 21 then the $50 deposit on the one I didn't end up paying for in full would have been applied to one of the other 20 that I did purchase.

You can believe Chris Rudge or you can believe the Easter Bunny for all I care. I'll believe my own first hand personal experience.

The Grey Cup ticket allocation for Argo ST holders is open until April 15. So when I called in on Friday afternoon, April 13, I was worried that all the good seats in the double blue section would be sold and I'd end up having to take my 14 additional tickets in some garbage end zone seats.

I was only interested in the midfield sections 110, 111 and 112 and no higher than 30 rows from field level. Not exactly a broad spectrum. So when the ticket ops guy started giving me all different combinations of seats in those three sections I couldn't believe they weren't already sold and unavailable.

And they sure as all hell weren't individual one-off remainders scattered here and there throughout. I was offered combinations from pairs, fours or even a block of six. Who knows, maybe the ticket ops guy realized I was Area51 and decided to roll out the red carpet for me, and nobody else would get this kind of selection. I doubt it though.

So I call bullshit on the claim that Grey Cup tickets are all but 500 to 700 tickets away from being sold out at this point. Remember, this is the same organization that refuses to divulge actual numbers of season tickets. So do you really trust them to truthfully comment on the status of Grey Cup ticket sales?

YES , but you were buying some tickets.
If some people changed their mind and didn't buy any tickets at all they do not get their $50 [or more back]
AND you did buy your 21 tickets as I bought my tickets. :thup:
I think that we both should be grateful that we got what we wanted. :wink:

Also remember that you place your deposits much earlier and were spending a lot of money.
Maybe they put aside better seats for people like you. You couldn't get all 21 together.

A once in our life time thing. :rockin:

I don't know , however , I chose NOT to get my tickets in the ARGO DOUBLE BLUE section because I like where my ST seats are. I wanted those cheaper seats.

Who knows how many other people did what I did.?

I'll believe it when I see the posting on CFL.ca

It will be posted on CFL.CA June 1st, 2012 at 10:01 am EST. Tickets go on sale at 10:00 EST.

That is when the last 500 tickets held for the public go on sale!

The only way to truly really tell is by checking ticket master and seeing what you can get.
The ARGOS and the other CFL teams have until JUNE , 1st , to buy their tickets.

Your probably not aware of the 20,000 that sold in the 100 Hour Pre-Sale after the 99th Grey Cup? That they have yet to pick their seats. Or the Approx 500 per team that is allotted? or the bare minimum that has to be held back for family of players and coaches for the big game that can't be released until teams are decided and they take a pass on them? Not to mention Argo ST picked before even the corporate sponsors. But Whatever Continue to spew you negativity somewhere I guess