T.J. Hlll Released

The Eskimo's released veteren Line Backer T.J. Hill in the following news release

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/more-movement-esks-release-tj-hill]http://www.cfl.ca/article/more-movement ... se-tj-hill[/url]

T.J. could be a good pick up for the Cats, especially after JJ signed with BC?

Hill is 33 years old. 5'9" & 195 pounds.

Plays SAM LB. TiCats already have Murray, Issac, Stewart, Harris competing for that role.

Not really a player or position of need.

TJ could be a good addition to Ottawa's roster.

He did have 94 tackles last season!
So he can still get there and do something when he arrives.

"Last season saw Hill register a career high in tackles with 94. He also collected one sack and one interception."

Agreed,a good addition to Desjardins "Over the hill Club" better known as the OLDBLACKS....Their motto this year should be....
Were Ottawa!!!!! Where old washed up football players come to die....yes sir.....if they're over 30 and still have a pulse,you can watch them play right here in the Nation's Capital!!!! :cowboy: :roll:

That's a lot of tackles...I wonder why they released him?
While I don't argue with possibly picking him up...why didn't we just re-sign JJ?

Your tantrum won’t bring Burris back :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO ! :thup:

How old is Bobo again ? :cowboy:

Where did you get Obi’s holiday pictures anyway ?

If I recall Ottawa had the problem before on the last expansion in becoming the Renegades they hired Tillman as GM and Joe Paopao as Head Coach and went for a mix of players but many young rookies and look where that team ended up? I guess now they figure let’s try the other route loading up on vets with a few young guns and maybe we will improve our chances of winning and becoming a competetive team in the East.

That team did very well out of the gate. It was the second and third year the problems showed up. Ottawa had been lied to about what running a player payroll would cost and they took Tillman's pens and gave him crayons. As guys like Hage and Eppele retire over the next couple years , these guys will have to be replaced through free agency or you get a huge hole with a bunch of rookies and second year players and no leadership or experience.

Eppele is only 26.

Really wow.. thanks

I'd say he lands in Ottawa. He's a good player with gas left in the tank. Winnipeg might be a possibility only if they plan to use Banks in the secondary.

I too think he can contribute and will be picked up by someone...yea maybe Ottawa.

As per the negative comments about Ottawa, I think they may surprise a few people this year. :wink:

I wouldn't be surprised if they even made the play-offs.

Gee Whiz.......wouldn't that be terrible if the NOTS or the LARKS missed the play-offs!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

The REDBLACKS may also benefit by new coaches releasing players that just do not fit their system but may still be good sound CFL players.
T.J. Hill would probably make a great fit at SAM LB, one of the tougher positions in the CFL to play.
Chris Jones in Edmonton has also released Donavan Alexander who was just recently a west all star in 2012 and at 28 still one of the better safeties in the CFL.
Ottawa was able to get Eric Fraser in the expansion draft and adding Alexander would give them a solid Canadian duo at safety.
Locking in two Canadian safeties of starting ability they can pretty much focus on other positons. Both dressing and and possibliy sharing time and playing special teams is one should get banged up there would be no dropoff.
This happend to Hamilton last season and they went out and Gog Gaig Butler to go along with Courntey Stephan andother very strong duo of Canadian safeties.

Hamilton still have several potential young sfaties as well. Neil King and Harold Mulamba are still very young with alot of upside. Calgary lost one but have 3 or 4 that could step right in. And Winipeg went from jsust an under achiveing Cauchy Muamba to a mix of 5 safeties including Muamba. Butler, Bucknor, Robertson, and TeagueSherman.
Toronto used a two safety system in Veteran Matt Black who finally got his shot in the starting line up but in an era of specialties defenses also had rookie Jermain Gabriel who is a Black clone.

there are also several canadian DBs who have been tried at CB to varying levels of success but nothing outstanding but are now in their 3 or 4th CFL season and could bring their talent to the safety position.

jONES IN Edmonton will be looking to bring in his own DBs to play CB/HB/SAm Lb and could see him move Ryan Hinds and Chris Rwakukumba with the felxiblity to move to cover spots in diferent schmes. Also a yound She Pierre is a player who needed tim to groom into a CFL player on board