T.J. Harris....nfl prospect???

It doesn't matter what Wally's or Mallett's intention was - Mallett still had to clear waivers unclaimed which he did.

,,,,annnnd Hebert had to clear waivers ...which he didn't :lol:

wasnt the whole hebert thing from the Ottawa dispersal draft or the other thing coming to mind is that he signed a 2+1 contract and wanted out after year 1?

Where players like Mallet and Harris are forced to take league standard for rookies which i don't know what it is i know base salary min is 50,000 length no idea.

I know NFL has a 3 year rookie minimum length contract.

Harris's situation is way different if he gets Drafted its a must let him go who cares even if its 7th round last pick of the draft let him go, Mack knew there was this possibility, so it falls under that High Risk High Reward type category sucks we gambled and in the end could burn us.

Who says even if we kept his rights he'd come back and play for us players have jumped ship after try-outs down south quite often Bruce, Baggs just to name a few that didn't return to there prior CFL team

Thanks Blue blood, i thought there was a more recent example. Mallett was BCs leading rusher and everyone let him go thru in order to get his chance in the NFL. Toronto for one could have easily claimed him as they didn't have a rusher and Boyd was just a twinkle in someones eye.

Pappa your Hebert example is a completely different situation. Herbert was a waiver from a defunct organization in the renegades. He felt he should have been declared a FA since he went unclaimed in the dispersal draft and had already come to a contract agreement in principle with Cincinnati.

Regardless of what Mack says or what could happen, I think its a dead issue. No one has TJH going anywhere in the NFL draft in their prognostications, doesn't mean he won't, but seems highly unlikely . If he does get drafted it would be because of what he did as a Bomber as he didn't have much of a college career, it might hurt the club but good for him if he can make it. And as far as Mack goes, he's said and done all the right things - we like our player, expect him to be here next year, if he gets an opportunity where he can make more money and achieve what he wants, we'll do what we can if/when that situation arises.

....Hebert was heading south with a contract in his hand when Taman pulled the 11 th hour pin on his aspirations....I would say that scenario trumped anything that would /could happen with Harris or Mallett...Nobody was going to turn a blind-eye and let Hebert walk...Thoughs are the facts and you can ask Mr. Taman how that went :wink:

Yes Pappa, we all know how it worked out. As you said Taman got his man Hebert who was a decent player for the B&G but who left ASAP at his next window, Taman got canned, we got Mike Kelly who laughed at Taman's napkin based scouting system, turned the team into a weekly joke, and got canned himself. Now the team is trying to rebuild itself after all of that. The difference is that Mack knows that if there is an exceptional circumstance then you have to look at your options and what can be done. If he plays hardball with TJH and denies him this window, that's not going to bode well in convincing other young guys to sign here in the future. Macks playing it right - If you get drafted in a spot where you will make considerably more money, we'll look at doing something for you. All signs point to that not happening so it doesn't matter.

so far.. hasnt been drafted so unless something weird happens.. dudes a bomber.

A little free spelling help for you. :lol:

....how about 'thoughs' for 'those' by papa.....you didn't catch that one taleback so i guess we all have to back to school...I don't know where i was going with that one....seems a cross between 'thoughts' and welllll i don't know....maybe the Ol English way of spelling 'those' :lol: :lol: ....anyway back to the topic...I think it's safe to say that TJ. will be a Bomber in 2011.....fingers crossed :roll:

I'm reposting a tweet by TJ that was posted by NEM at the Bomber forum:

Its #Official...!!! Here I come #Winning #Winnipeg...!!! Lets Get Yall That ******###### #GReyCUP2011

....pretty much cinches it.....TJ Harris will be showing US all year why he should be considered in next years nfl draft :rockin: ....Light it up TJ :thup:

I saw his tweet too. wasn't drafted so figured as much. Didn't think he would be.. just why would the nfl want the problem of having to deal with a guy who is under contract to a team in the CFL. i just don't think the NFL guys wanted that mess... plus i think MACK has alot of NFL connections and well, probably spoke to a few guys to let em know... this kids got a contract...

See, if im TJ HARRIS, im stoked about not getting drafted...im stoked about coming back this year, staying healthy and putting up big big numbers. If i'm TJ, i'm gonna bust my butt this season, be the best receiver in the league and cash in next off season when i'm a free agent and i know the nfl is back and playing... This year, i'm not sure when this lockout will end... could be a long while, i hope guys like hunt and these draft picks got or are gonna get nice signing bonus's because they won't be playing football for a while.. TJ will be, getting better. No doubt next season if Harris stays healthy and lights it up... he's gone.. But, honestly, right now what he has shown is he can be a game breaker.. however thats if he's healthy.. NFL wont take a guy who has all the tools but isnt able to stay healthy.. THIS year if TJ stays healthy, puts up some numbers... He may cash in more than he would have if he was drafted and signed a rookie contract.. Lets see if he can get him some cam wake money.. thats more than most nfl rookies no?

totally agree :thup: ......This was the best result for everyone concerned :wink:

I like the attitude. No sour grapes or resentment just excited to be playing football.Also, well played by Mack.Suggesting he might possibly release T.J. from his contract if he was drafted could pad Mack's chances of resigning T.J. if his NFL aspirations don't work out.

needs to stay healthy and wont have to worry about resigning here :slight_smile: who knows tho…