t.j acree

what do people see us doing with lil eminem. i personally think we should keep him since before his foot fracture he was doing a great job, but there are rumblings here in edmonton we would release him. would anyone want him if he was released?

I hope you keep him.....and no i dont want him.

now why wouldnt you want him esky?.....at the bggining of the season he was killing everyone before his foot fracture..or am i to blind by my eskie goggles

He's good, imo not great.

I could be wrong, wouldnt be the first time.

why dont you just give us cornelius anthony and we will call a truce, how bout that

Probably should, for some unknown reason we like
to sit him at playoff time. (2yrs now)

Doesnt seem to matter he's usually one of our
top tacklers, and sack guys.

Im hoping these weird personel decisions end with
Huff onboard.

i love cornelius athony..other then armour i want him..but we wont

He's an import, and although he's got a good set of mitts on him, his import status is against him.

both cornelius and tj were highly over rated players on underachieving teams.

Wouldn't take either of the bums...