T George has retired

Sounds like he got some domestic issues and basically has to leave the game

Too bad, he has been a great contributor for the team. I know that there have been some complications there for a little while and he has been in an awkward spot...I hope he gets everything sorted, because he is a heck of a guy and I can see him coaching one day if he wants to. Been a leader on and off the field and a guy you wanted in the locker room

The good news is that the Riders have brought in some great prospects...bad news is not a plethora of experience.

I meet him last spring in PA really liked the guy, funny and just plain nice, I wish him the best!! Gonna miss him on the D line

All these players we traded for or resigned and are retiring. What gives?

George was getting old. We can probably address that through scouting if we haven't already.

I agree. George was not a free pass for making the team this year. His locker room presence will be missed bigtime though. Awesome guy on every level. Obviously George's hand was forced with the domestic incident.

Obviously not if he was slamming his girl into the wall with his hand around her neck.

Fortunately Chamblin and Taman are not around, I'm sure they would have shook their finger and sat him for a full half of a game.

Well...he was in a complicated situation...not attempting to justify his actions....just saying there have been some issues there....I will never condone spousal violence, but you know...sh*t works both ways but there are often broad assumptions when there are cops involved...I will leave it at that. That is his piece to speak on or not.

As far as someone giving a bad finger and saying bad boy and such....out of their hands...the league introduced domestic violence policies last year and it is a minimum of a suspension...also there is a rumor his passport is revoked...idunno about that part, just something that floated around.

Unless she was wielding a knife or firearm, there is nothing a person the size of him could justify his actions.

Well, I know he is a great guy and while don't approve of the situation I understand the circumstances...as do those who are in his life...that's what matters.