T.C.'s costume

I've just been looking at some older photos of T.C.
In those pictures, he was mostly gold with some black like a tiger. Now, he wears the black jersey.

Personally, I think they should take off the jersey, and just leave him as a tiger. It would help differentiate him from Stripes. I know some people who can't tell them apart.

This is one of the most serious issues facing the Tiger-Cats and is not to be taken lightly. Injuries to Casey Printers and holes in the secondary are secondary compared to the importance of this.

Are you serious? Who ever heard of a tiger that doesn’t wear a black mesh shirt?

He wears the shirt so that if things get any worse and we need a fourth QB for a game, he’s ready to go in.

Can he throw more than ten yards?

North-south or east-west?

I'd like to see TC suit up for the game and sub in for a DB, forget about the costume all together!

Uniforms for mascots are a dime a dozen :wink: .

I want to see the ATV back.

He lost that after he clocked a ref i think

League official #24 DOESN'T :lol: ,

neither does THAT TC

I know. That's why I want it back. That was a joke.