T.C. is the answer!

Hi all, first post ... Not to rehash anything, but the team doesn't need to focus on the "main quarterback" issue but try something bold and new.

Chang is the new Flutie (talent wise) of the CFL. If I understand how this management works, his full potential will be realized in another city after 2 years on the bench here in Hamilton. And imagine what that trade might be for??? LOL

If they had the "bigger balls", they would start T.C. the next few games and if there is failure, they have the right to go backwards and start a losing battle :wink:

My final point ... It's all fun, even sarcastic and bombastic ... have fun on Saturday night, make lots of noise, and remember, we don't call the shots but we can surely boooooo when necessary :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree that Chang is the answer. I noticed that when Chang was sent in to the game against Calgary last week, and even though it was a no win situation for Chang, there was an upbeat step in the Offensive Players. It was as though the Players want Chang to be in there as their QB.
I don't think the Players have any confidence in Maas to be their Leader. How can the Cats Organization expect the Players to have confidence in Maas as their Leader, when Maas does not have any confidence in himself.
The only way the Cats will be successful is if Maas is no longer the starting QB.
For the Ti-Cats to come out and say that Maas is "the man", sure is a sign of a long hot losing summer for the Cats and the loyal Fans. Once again Hamilton will be the laughing stock of the CFL.
Maas cant throw the ball beyond 10 yards. And this guy Maas is considered to be a Professional QB, when he cant throw the ball beyond 10 yards? That is not a confidence booster for the Team. It must be pretty embarrassing for the Players to have to take the field with a QB that cant throw the ball. How would you feel taking the field with a QB, such as Maas, that cant throw the ball. It would be very deflating as a Player to say the least.
When Chang was thrown in that game, it was a pleasure to see a guy that could hurl that ball. Chang had "zip" on that ball.
I don't think Maas will ever be able to gain his confidence back. You will see very soon that Chang will be the number one QB for the Cats very soon. Unless of course, the Organization are all sadomasochists, and derive pleasure from seeing the fans suffer, as Maas as the QB?
I agree fully with the statement, that "TC is the answer!!"
Its Cha-Chang time in Steel Town!!

It's Chang time!! "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"
I can see a new chant starting


Chang still has a lot to learn. The one thing I noticed is that he threw the ball with conviction. I'm not sure if he's ready to start but I can live with his "rookie" errors as long as there's a glipse of what could be over Maas' inability to hit open receivers. However if Maas gets hot I'm willing to ride out the season with whoever can get the job done!

Coach Taafe - Jason Maas is the starter - end of story

Coach Taafe - Lateral in your own endzone. Fumble. Touchdown. 37-9 Calgary. 4-14 last year with Maas. 0-1 and counting this year. END OF STORY.

I thought you meant our beloved mascot TC. I was all ready for a TC vs. Stripes debate.

TC is cooler than Stripes!!!!

So what. Stripes can throw long.

There's room for both of them boys. We should try a mascot tandem. Have TC start and bring Stripes in off the bench in the 2nd half. :wink:

I dunno about that...his record isn't very impressive.

Especially before Labour Day.

"TC" is what the Hawaii fans called Chang when he was in college. Obviously, this new poster knew of Chang since his college days.

Really? :roll:

Follow my lips. Chang is the Mang! :rockin:

Follow your lips?...Don't know if I want to be that close to Changs *ss.

Did someone miss this Coach Taafe - Jason Maas is the starter - period . End of story end of debate oh yeah I forgot that was two time Coach of the Year Taafe, give the guys a break talk to me after game three when we're two and one. If we're 0-3 I'll pull the dump Jason Maas bandwagon but give them the three games first. Coach Taafe is a big time winner and I believe he will get the best out of Jason Maas starting with Saturday night.If not no one will have to ask for Jason to be replaced the Coach will do it end of story.

Oh...you again! :stuck_out_tongue: Good one.

Funny, I think the same thing when I see your posts. Maybe we do have something in common....besides a mutual hatred :wink:

You know what I like about you, Xenu? Nothing. :smiley:

If you only knew me, then you would have something to not like me about.. :wink: