T-Brack & Wolf Pack Knocking Heads

So far I have been impressed with with "Bossy's" transition to FS. The way he was flying around vs Calgary (knocking helmets off & his physical play) is something that ANY defense needs and even better it's with the RoughRiders. He is also transitioning well in pass coverage. So far I think the move to FS has been a good move for all involved and adds another dimension to the "Wolf Pack"!

The "Wolf Pack" monicker taken on by the defense is perfect for a ball hawking, physical, tough defense that wants to be tone setters for the team.

I don't think I've seen him (Bossy) this excited before a season since his Senior year in H.S. (when Upland High won the California Southern Section title) for our Alma Mater. After speaking with him Friday night, anything less then a Grey Cup will be considered a failure.

Good to hear, the starting D looked good last game, hopefully they can carry that momentum to the next game.

Not the LBs though. Sure, Cornish was stopped after the Butler bounced off him and he gained 8 yards, but whatever I guess.

Jeez here I thought that someone was going to be trying to stir the pot and tell us how the defense wasn't getting along lol.