Szarka's injury

Tillman, on riderville, reported that Szarka broke his left fibula tonight. That's eight, if I am not mistaken...and yes, I know that "what happens on riderville stays on riderville"...because it's about to be public knowledge, however, I see no big deal...

I knew it! When I saw the replay, it was already on my fibula counter on the wall. Just sickening, really. The football gods had it in for us this year. And people want Miller's head after a year like this ... incredible. Does it not occur to them that the time spent on the replacements it time away from QB's?? Time is a scarce resource for any manager and it has to be spread around amongst many competing priorities. Sorry, getting off topic, but I just gotta say it.

When they showed him on the field and his hands were shaking (we presumed from pain), I figured it was pretty bad...never figured it'd be another break, though...and I'm generally not the "what if" type, but one does pause to wonder what might have been...

No way. Another broken leg. Makes me sick for Szarka. Riders were jinxed this year.

Thats unbeliveable, this better not happen next year, because you never know, we might not get as lucky 2 years in a row.

I didn't think it was that serious. At least it was the end of the season and 8 broken legs??? Thats got to be a new CFL record haha. I just hope maybe another team next year tries to break that record and that the riders don't try to top it haha. Some tough breaks, literally, over the season. Hopefully some changes are made in the offseason and we can look to once again cheer on the GREEN AND WHITE!

Will this be the end of Chris's football career?

No, one more year on his contract left.

rather sad we finally brought the big man back into the backfield instead of just special teams after weeks of being stoned on goal line stands and he starts to put fear into D lines again and he gets hurt on a blocking assignment my hats off to the BIG MAN who worked the trenchs day in and day out this season gave it his all amidst people saying he was getting to slow, It dosent matter how fast you get to the first down marker just how many people your carrying on your back when you get there. get better soon big guy.