IS it just me or does it seem Szarka has been a HUGE NON-FACTOR... IT seems to me like everytime hes throw the ball he drops it!...

And what happened to Hathaway Anyway?? Why isnt he getting as many reps?

well i dont know wuts happening in Riderville :? Szarka has been a non factor for years now, which in IMO he's a good blocker. now they brought in another fullback in, but they dont use the 1st one :? is it they dont like him?? i dont know :? Why isnt Hathaway gettin any reps?, it seems they dont use a full back here in Saskatchewan unless its on the 1 yard line and everybody knows who is gettin the ball and wonders why he didnt get a TD :roll: so your right to assume both fullbacks are not gettin any reps :wink:

Yeah, it bothers me they don't use 33 much. The guy is good for 4 yard everytime he touches the ball.

That's because he doesn't believe in running around people. He'd much rather punch holes right through them.....I agree - they need to use him more.

BigGreenMachine- I agree I think he is a good blocker. But if they dont even use one of them ( often ) why do they bother having 2 of them??

In my opinion Szarka is WAY past his usefullness in Green and white.. -Also i dont think he is good for 4 yards every time he touches the ball.. (even if his stats say thats his average)

It seems like the only time Hathaway / Szarka get reps is in the double tight end set. Which i dont think they run enough off..

Hathaway has been injured for the past three games or something like that.

ya i agree with u :wink: i like Szarka and if i had it my may 8) Szarka would see the ball at least 10 times :wink: prolly 7 carries, 3 recieving from the back field :cowboy: i would give Szarka credit for not complaining that he is not gettin the ball, but he doesnt :rockin:

Szarka is bull of a back, and it mystifies me why he isnt used more. Remember that game agaisnt Montreal last year, he ran wild on them, and the Als D could not stop him. If they used him more as a blocker and to spell off Keith, KK could be leading the league in yards.

well if they dont want to use Szarka, who i like very much!! Why waste him, trade him for Cory Holmes :cowboy: i know Hamilton wants something for Cory before he leaves and Szarka isnt doin much here anyways :expressionless:

The reason you can't get ride of szarka, even though his on field play is minimal, is the fact that he's the face of this football team. In the stands at games more often than not the number on a rider jersey a fan is wearing is 33. He's always in the neibourhood's helpin someone out or doin charity work and everytime i see him out he's gettin his picture taken with someone or signing autographs. Hell I even saw him at JD's this week and he had what must have been a line of 30 girls wanting their picture taken with him. So he's way important to the teams image and out side of the stadium reputation to get ride of yet, expecially while trying to put behind the trevis smith incendent....

ya u might have a point there :wink:

I think they should keep 33 because he is a good player. But is all that PR stuff a good reason to keep a player? I guess if they can keep him on contract for a good price then why not?

I agree he is a great ambasador for the club!!
BUT----- I dont believe that this should be the primary reason to keep a player...

BGM i think you got a good thing in that there post up yonder.... points up

Szarka is LOVED by the Green Pride that is NATION WIDE.... However, how much more could Holmes bring to not only the re-vitalization of the locker room, but the love the community shares for the team; and most importantly (when healthy of course) THE GAME!!!

szarka-last year-1.8yd average.
tthis year made nice catches

Szarka is one of the most overrated Roughriders in recent memory. I keep hearing everyone say; "He's so good and he would be better if they gave him the ball more". The fact is, he has not been reliable the last couple of seasons. He used to be a virtual guarantee in short yardage situations but he has faltered too many times in the last couple of years. He has not had the ball thrown to him many times this year but he has dropped about half of what has been thrown to him.

I have to agree with cexner's post in that if they can keep him for a reasonable price, then why not keep him. For my money he is being utilized enough with his 1-2 touches per game. And please, the next time he fumbles on third and short, please do not use the excuse for him again that "it's not his fault because he isn't getting used enough".