Szarka running in Ward 10

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This could be very interesting on and off the field. One thing that voters in Ward 10 should think about is if they want a local celebrity as their councilor, how many council meetings will be missed because of away games, and (I doubt this will happen) if Szarka gets traded, then that ward would be without representation.

Fans of the team might worry that he becomes too split between the roles on and off the field, however in the off season, he would have undivided attention to his ward, if he wins.

Fortunately, I don't live in Ward 10, so I don't have to think about these things. I've already chosen who I'm voting for in my ward.

Any fans here who do live in Ward 10 with opinions? I'm interested in hearing them. I admit, I'm a football and political junkie and on election night, I will be watching the results closely.

I don't live in Ward 10 myself, but as far as Council meetings missed, he shouldn't miss any due to away games. I believe most Council meetings are on Monday nights, and I can't ever remember the Riders playing away on a Monday night.

He does have name recognition going for him, which is a bonus for him. I imagine that he'll get quite a few votes just for being a Rider. I don't foresee him getting traded, not this late into his career.

Well, it looks like we will have to call him Councillor Szarka.

Actually, it shouldn't be much of an issue, pretty much all Councillors have full-time jobs. Council meetings are in the evenings during the week, part time administrators are available at city expense to handle general correspondence, and the hours a councillor has are considered "flex time", with the exception of council meetings themselves. It's actually more difficult if you were a lawyer or a GM of a company. Various Board meetings (which are mandatory for councillors) are scheduled in advance to suit schedules. I can see this being not much of conflict, and in fact, considering the Councillor involved, I think this is going to work out very well. The only problem I see is being he is a Rider in Rider Nation, it's going to be tough to have serious discussions about civic matters without the conversations turning into, "So, why do you think the Bombers would waste their time signing Troy Westwood?"