Szarka Injured

Read in the paper this morning that Szarka hurt his hand Monday while using a saw in his garage. He cut the tips of his fingers and thumb I believe and had to go to the hospital to have them re-attached!

They said he's out for a month but will make a full recovery and hopeful he'll be back for the playoffs. Neal Hughes will replace him.

Get Well Soon Chris!

Yeah, Szarka is not one of my favorite players, but it is great that he is gonna be alright. This could be Neal Hughes’ time to shine!

He's definately slowed down over the past couple of years but in a pass oriented offense he's a great blocker, probably one of the best blocking fullbacks in the league.

Hughes adds some tremedous speed to the position and I hope the coaching staff tries to use that to their advantage.

I still think we're a better team with Szarka back there, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

...some students of mine informed me of this shortly before lunch...I thought they were trying to pull a fast one, since they know he's my fave...made them log on to the computer to find a link to prove their story and everything...then had to kiss their butts when they were

He's a fantastic blocker, no doubt, and I'm thinkin' that Hughes will be an okay replacement...but he's no

I think he's being groomed to take over Szarka's spot in a few years, Hughes isn't that young anymore either.

I remember when I was younger he was like the only Ram I knew or could remember lol

My jersey has his number. I've always liked the way Chris has handled himself even when he was under utilized when Danny Barret was in charge. It was nice to see him being worked back into the offensive scheme this year. His blocking and special teams skills go relatively unheralded and we will definitely miss him down the home stretch.

Here's hoping you heal well Chris and look forward to seeing you playing at our home playoff game.

Hope he gets better soon. Chris is one of my favorite players simply because of his awsome additude and as someone on the radio once said: He makes us remember we all CAN catch a ball lol. I love seeing the bobbeling while hes running along down the feild, and securing it right before hes tackled :slight_smile:

It is amazing what they can do with Micro Hand Surgery! And that his digits were severed by a table saw. I know it sounds gross, but it is a clean cut, not ragged, therefore much easier to fix and furthermore heal. This kind of accident happens more often than you think. Have a speedy recovery Chris.