Syville Newton of South Carolina

I can’t believe this kid was not taken in the NFL draft and as of right now, no team has offered a free agent deal. What CFL teams do you think would be interested in him if he is still available at draft time?

You mean this Syville Newton who is profiled on this website?

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Thanks for the edit Capt.

....hmmm, strange that you slag everyone on this board, but then still hang around for an answer.....endearing....btw, it's Sevelle.... opinion: no CFL teams will be interested in 'drafting' him as we don't draft american players coming out of NCAA....he might be on a negotiation list with a team but those are kept secret.....his agent has probably told him they are going to play the FA market awhile longer anyways so his chances of ending up here are slim to none....

Thanks, BTW he spells his name Syville just as I spelled it. I’ve known the kid since he was in high school. Also not gigging all of you I just get tired of smartass remarks that don’t answer the question.

I thought RedandWhite did answer the question., o.k., but the NFL, NCAA, ESPN and a whole bunch of other seemingly trustworthy places have it spelled Syvelle (mine was totally wrong), maybe that's why he wasn't drafted?!....when they called out 'Syvelle Newton' he must have thought, 'wow, who is that dude? his name is almost like mine'...

I saw S. Newton's :lol: name listed on somebody's neg list a while ago, not sure but I thought it was the Argos. His stats sound like he would be better suited for the CFL. That is if he has the arm to go with his athleticism.

He is one of those guys who's combine numbers just don't match up with his film. He is a definate playmaker, can play QB, RB or WR and will play anywhere they need him. He played the last 3 games at FS last year for the Gamecocks. He has great vision, great footwork and for some reason, he just seems to turn into superman when put a set of pad and helmet on him. The fact that he did play so many position is most likely why he was not drafted by the NFL, but his athelticism should eventually cause someone to give him a shot and when they do, they will find they have a a good one.

Yeah, I'm one of those that believes too much emphasis is put on combine numbers and other types of measurements.

How do you measure a player's field and ball awareness as well as their heart and determination?

Here is a short highlight real of him from last season. Doesn't showcase all his skills but does show his running and throwing ability real well.

As far as heart and determination, you won't find a more motivated kid.