System threads

I dont know about ya all, but I find the constant barrage of system topics to be quite annoying


So they say

" The comment system on this website is now powered by the Forums. We’d love for you to be part of the conversation; click the Start Discussion button below to register an account and join the community!"

and yet they hide the forum link in such an assinine place

Someone who makes a new thread for pretty much any thought they have is annoyed by someone else doing it?


well now. Such exaggeration :slight_smile:

Man if I did that I would be posting many hundreds of topics a day.

You do know that these system topics are not started by a SOMEONE ELSE. right?

When system get going, I couldnt begin to match it.

We can all lack self awareness sometimes. I just found it fumy that the most active user was critical of high activity. I imagine “system” is a bot.

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I think I am far from the most active user these days. Once upon a time maybe

You’re a legend in these parts, FYB.

aw gosh, ya gonna make me blush :slight_smile:

I’m not really around here enough to notice who’s the most active now, but I certainly remember you as the most active. I’ve been here since 2015.

Hold my beer!


Your posts have a lot of substance though, so the more the better.


should have been around the previous decade :slight_smile:

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Well @FootbalYouBet I must agree that you are not the most active user on the forum any longer. I’m sad to say that you wouldn’t even make the top 20. But you remain a regular positive contributor and I would be willing to bet that no one starts more threads than you, except for the CFL bot. We should think of you as the member bot.

As all who have posted in this thread probably know, forum staff have no control over system generated posts. They appear automatically whenever the system bot decides. All stories on the main public board eventually find their way into the forum, some almost right away and some much later. Sometimes they appear twice or even more. The bot loves certain topics, most recently the Combine and MBT being signed by Edmonton. When that happens I try and combine the numerous topics into one thread as I have done for Combine threads. The CFL bot evidently loves discussing the Combine more than any member of the forum does as they currently have the most posts in that thread. There are other quirks of the bot such as previously consistently producing game threads, two years ago producing multiple game threads for each game for most of the year and then taking the year off last year and producing none. When stuff like this happens and our own admin (GGirl) can’t fix things staff does follow up with the CFL but often we don’t hear back.

I will drift off slightly here by noting that many of you are critical of the lack of response by the CFL head office on technical
and other issues. I know that some of you have contacted them to express displeasure and/or ask questions and may or may not have received a response or received a response that you consider less than satisfactory. My advice would be to let it go and be careful what you wish for.

Staff will always do what they can and often approach the CFL office on behalf of members, but they are used to less than timely responses or sometimes no response at all. I believe the CFL is not as well funded as we might like and obviously doesn’t have the deep pockets the NFL or even the NHL does. That is just reality. I have read several times on the forum that members have visited the CFL head office only to find no one there and the doors locked. I don’t know if that is true as I have never personally been there, but I suspect it is true at times as I don’t know why anyone would make that up. I can only conclude from this that the CFL doesn’t have as much staff as would be ideal or probably that they would like to have. That could change for the better if the league as a whole became more profitable and probably as well if financially sound expansion were to take place. Hopefully this will exist in the future for the league.

In the meantime I am thankful we have what we have. There are a lot of websites that do not bother to fund and run an interactive forum. Some like TSN and 3DownNation used to permit comments but then shut that down, making it read only again. It takes time and money and requires staff to run a forum. On this site as you know, all staff are volunteers, so please remember that when you are sitting at your keyboard in your or your mother’s basement with your dog and a libation by your side, collecting your pension that working stiffs like me almost certainly pay for in part. Please remember that before anonymously hurling insults at staff. If there were no volunteer staff there would be no forum.

And if there was no willingness on the part of the CFL there also would be no forum. They are the exception rather than the rule. They own the website and the forum. They are relatively hands off and do little at present but set rules and guidelines for what is supposed to be a family friendly site. I personally prefer this to having a meddling corporate overseer constantly interfering when it comes to content. To their credit they readily green lighted the staff driven idea of setting up the Lounge and haven’t interfered since then.

Most importantly they pay for the annual software licensing necessary to keep the forum running. There are always rumours on forums such as this that the forum will be terminated by the owner. I am pleased to report that this isn’t a concern for 2024 as the CFL renewed the software license for the year. I wouldn’t want to go out of my way to do anything to discourage them from doing so in the future. Things may not always be perfect and we are all human, but I am good with what we have and the good far outweighs the bad in my view.

Please note that the opinions expressed above are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the view of the CFL or other staff. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission I figure

I am also going to move this thread into the appropriate category.


I understand and respect all that you are saying, but what is incomprehensible is the CFL not putting the Forum link on their site where well needed newcomers can find it.


Yes we have no idea why that was done. We asked about it when it happened but haven’t received a reply. I will follow up.