Boy, do I feel sorry for the Riders next week!!!!!


Clearly they are the better team between them and the Bummers

The moment Ken Miller took over, the Riders became the .667 team it was throughout the Miller career, not the .188 team it had been this year. The riders may lose next week, but their chances of winning went up tenfold.

Winnipeg didnt lose this game, Saskatchewan won. They have a good shot at winning next weekend as well, especially with the return of Fantuz if he comes back. That in and of itself will provide the boost that was seen this week for labour day.

Odds are he riders do lose next week, simply because of the fact back-to-back often end up with a split. Having said that, Winnipeg might want to find an offence because they can't go far without better.

League-leading 66 two-and-outs going into today’s game.

No swag for the Riders, just lots of hard work to salvage this season. It will be a tough game for them to win in Winterpig.

I really hope the BB start looking towards thier game against the Als and take the Riders lightly.

Not surprised with losing this game. If they lose again next week though I would be shocked. That will be a much stiffer test for the Riders.

Winnipeg was never going to go 17-1. They had to lose eventually, and today they threw out a stinker. No real reason to get over excited in riderville...

We're not over excited. Someone realized that the Bomber castoff Berry doesn't know how to run an offense, as evidence by the play of the Rider offense on Labour Day. This is the offense we expected to have.

Sask has every reason to be excited. l love watching the bombers play, but the riders, and i didnt like it, but they put the bombers down. Congrads to you sask, and it makes for a great settup next weekend.

The scheme didn't look much different. Jock Climie was full of crap when he said he saw a change in scheme, they pushed the ball down the field. Riders have thrown the ball deep all year.

Differences in this game for the offense was 1 - they made all their blocks, 2 - they caught all the passes and 3 maybe the biggest, they had a lead the whole game, and for most of the 2nd half a good lead too.

I'm still betting on the Bombers next week.

Me too. I'll think the Riders are for real if they sweep the bombers.

Not likely being the Banjo bowl.