Syked! Pumped! Ready to go!

I am sooo pumped for Football. LET'S GO ALREADY!!!

Last year I tried (and came very close) to watching or listening to every game. Not every Bomber game (that's a given) but EVERY game.

This year I hope to catch them all.
Difficult though, being in Japan.

How many games do you watch/listen to?

Anyone know of a CFL app for the Ipod Touch?


Go Bombers!

Last season I think I watched all but maybe 2 or 3.

pinball had too much coffee b4 the preview show..holy smokes..haha

say what,someone has been james syked???

I was Keith Stoked first!

The Buck starts here. Just heard on Pratt and Taylor hes #1 And I bet you hes more Keith Stokes or James Sykes about it.

Yes let's play some football! All this offseason jabbering is pointless drivel. Let's get the teams on the field. Thursday night is gonna be great!

Hamilton 24 Montreal 16

Calgary 28 BC 18

Are you ready?!

I just watched the clip on TSN's website. That's putting it mildly. :lol:

Pinball is pumped because he doesnt have the stress and responsibility of the on field product. He gets all the pleasure and none of crap. Good for him. :thup:

He should have his own football show.

55 Yard Line

with the Pinball