Switching coordinators a mistake?

I'm wondering if maybe switching offensive coordinators was a mistake.

At first I thought Strasser was going to improve this offence (though I didn't think it needed to improve that much). He had them playing well in the LD re-match, and Edmonton had a chance of winning if the D could've gotten a stop or two. Then in the first half of the game against Saskatchewan the following week, the offence was unstoppable. Ray completed 16 of 16. But since then this offence has looked like crap. Ricky Ray looks like he's a little off with some of his throws. The receivers are blowing routes and dropping balls on a regular basis.

I just don't understand how an offence can take such a drastic turn out of nowhere. I'm wondering if maybe some of the players are a little unhappy with the switch... I mean, before the switch, Fred Stamps was becoming the go-to guy, making big catch after big catch. Now he can't hang on to anything.

I don't know... it just seems odd that the offence is falling apart all of a sudden, and switching coordinators is the only thing I can think of.

I dont know man, it kinda seems like its taken a turn for the worse though, i kinda hope everything falls apart and we lose every single game, and miss playoffs, im hoping for management personell to get fired.
And a question, is there ANY way to get rid of Rick LeLalecher... I think hes someone who should be chases outta town, hes the highest on the management, one higher than Danny, and I BET YOU ANYTHING, he dosent know what posistion Ray plays, if he knew anything about running a Franchise he'd have fired Danny M in 2006.
Hey Rick, guess what? YOU SUCK, you blow more than a drunken hooker on white ave on a saturday night.
I kinda wish Campbell was back and leading the organization, at least he knew football, and he knew who was crap and who wasnt, he knew how to run an organization. I Gurantee that i have more football knowledge in one of my hairs than Lelalecher has and will ever have throughout his whole incompetant life!

I going to give Strausser at least one more game , Not sure why they Fired Worman maybe Hall thought he was the Defenceive Coordinator by mistake . Well at least our Offence can match our D . :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

That's pretty funny, oilerrocker. :lol: I didn't understand that move, either. I wouldn't say Worman was a great offensive coordinator, but at least the offence was putting up points. That move didn't seem to make much sense...

The problem now is with only five games left, I don't think switching again would be a good idea... Might as well give him the season and see what happens... :?

Eskimosrock, Danny M. definitely needs to go. This guy is terrible at signing talent. It seems like whenever we need a new guy on defence, he goes and has a look at the players Montreal has released. He's as good a GM as he was a HC.

Honestly, im a die hard Esks fan, always have been, always will be
but im kinda hoping for us to lose every single game from here on out
Danny might actually get fired, and it might be for the better future of the team.
This season is already crap, and even if we happen to make the playoffs, we sure as hell dont deserve to be there, and i definetly dont want another Grey Cup win that we DEF dont DESERVE
and if your confused by the word "another"
im relating to the 2005 Grey Cup, the Edmonton Eskimos did not slightly deserve it!
I hope death comes to this "eskimo empire" (pfft... i cant help but chuckle at that oxymoronic name) this year!