Swirsky At It Again!

Swirsky is at it again, as we speak on fan590 he is bytching about Hamilton and the CFL's 3 downs.. what a total bafoon

The man ought to stick to commenting on basketball.... something he sorta knows something about.... sorta...

Hit just needs to Shut Up about the CFL

well he has a point, hamilton has like 25 new guys on their roster, and nobody is really familiar with any of the defensive and offensive schemes, this past two games proved, the cfl needs mini-camps during the offseason, and maybe an extra week of training camp. I also blame marcel for having 5 QBs in training camp which reduced the reps for Maas and Chang, and it limited them time to get acclimated with the starting offense.

That doesn't address the comments he made about feeling sorry for Bob,WHAT is there to feel sorry for Bob about??.. he owns the TiCats, something he loves, has the best fans in the league and IMO in 1 or 2 years will be the envy of the league in terms of fans AND team! or that the CFL NEEDS 4 downs...

Anything Swirksy says about the CFL has no credibliity. Do you think he's attended a game? Think he can name 5 guys on any team other than the Argos? Can he name three head coaches?

'Nuff said.

An Argo-Cat fan

Chuck doesn't understand that university programs really "run" Canadian football in this country. These are operated by academia who know and understand the history of the game and aren't as interested in the professional money making aspect of Canadian football or if the players aren't being trained for the NFL. Not their mandate really. Even if the CFL went to American rules, I bet my bottom dollar that universities in Canada will stick with Canadian football rules. Just my take on this. Although I suppose the CFL could try and force change in the CIS in some way or another, who knows.

I'm not saying just academia knows and understands Canadian football, not at all. Thought I'd better emphasize this.

His comment about being here in Canada for 9 years and him understanding the history and uniqueness of the CFL game irked me.. I think it's a safe bet that before he came to Canada he NEVER even heard of the CFL and he UNDERSTANDS the history??.. I'd be surprised is he could name a team who won the Grey Cup in ANY historic year

Relax guys...this is his opinion...he is entitled to it..don't make personal attacks on him and call him an idiot.

And I entitled to DEBATE his opinion so thank you very much but I will NOT relax

I agree joey. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And to be honest, I know there are all sorts of Canadians who don’t put the whole picture together and just say “what the heck, let’s all play American rules, best in everyone’s interest”. I’ve even fallen into this trap from time to time I have to admit.

It actually isn’t a relaxing issue though to a lot of people, I’ve even almost gotten into fisticuffs over it. It is a very interesting debate I’ll have to admit.

Hey, maybe Marty York isn't that bad though.

Marty York rips Chuck Swirsky

"Nobody respects his opinion or bothers to give him a decent interview and that probably explains why he’s lingering deep in the shadows of insignificance and covering the CFL on a full-time basis." (I'm coming to the conclusion that some soccer fans are idiots though!)

[url=http://arsenalist.com/2007/02/27/marty-york-rips-chuck-swirsky/]http://arsenalist.com/2007/02/27/marty- ... k-swirsky/[/url]

LOL.. I'll have to view the link from home... dam IT guys here block so many sites!!

I do thank Chuck for one thing.
It stops us from Bitching about team for a few mins.

Chuck has Typically American attitude
If it's not American it's no good..
Now to be fair not all Americans
our like this.

Frankly this one of My many Reasons
I moved back home in 2000
After 2 Years in the states.
American ignorance

God Bless Canada and The CFL..

AMEN! Say what you want about him... if he can use his position as a member of the mainstream southern ontario media to put down our city, team, owner, and fans, then SCREW HIM!!! Hey CHUCK, before you talk like you know anything about the Hamilton Tiger Cats, tell us how qualified you are to do so... Do you think anyone here cares that you worked at WJR in Detroit and did work with the Red WIngs and Lions..THis means nothing....

And you're a hipocrite too Chuck...A BIG HIPOCRITE...why bash Hamiltons football tradition and Bob YOUNG..Were you not watching that pathetic basketball team called the Toronto Raptors for the last 15 years? Why did you not say "MLSE should stop wasting their time and money on this pathetic product"?? Why, because you're an uneducated Canadian WANNABE LOSER!!!! Maybe this team will be lucky and find a Bryan COLANGELO type GM, maybe we will find our Chris Bosh or Jose CALDERON....maybe it will all turn around tomorrow.....then you will look like the ass we all know you are!!!!

You will never know how passionate and dedicated the city and fans in Hamilton are. We live, breath and die Tiger Cats, ergo, the hell that our lives are right now! The only bright spot is that, bar none, we have the best owner in the CFL. So do us a favour, Know your role and shut your mouth! And if you have guts, come down to Ivor Wynne this Saturday and voice your opinion at centre field before the game in front of 28000 Tiger Cat fans...lets see if this is still your opinion....

SO, how do you like that "Salomi and Cheese"?

Chuck will now be too chicken to ever step foot in Hamilton again. If he does, he'll bring along Shaq for protection I bet. :lol:

Hey, even some bb fans say he knows nothing about bb :slight_smile: :

"and for the record chuck swirsky knows NOTHING about basketball and completely ruins the reputation of the raptors...he is an embarassement to professional sports and is lucky to have the job he does..."

[url=http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=172883&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=33&sid=34609b764635be8230406a50826d7909]http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/vi ... 50826d7909[/url]


And what Chuck is doing is stimulating interest for a call in show.

A little controversy is good talk radio.

I usually agree with Chuck's sentiments but not on this one or the shootout in NHL playoffs. I think he just doesn't get it.

Opinions and debate are fine, but personal attacks are not. That's twice in two days Mikey. Very bad form.

Another "please shut up" Chucky article from his own bb fans:

Raptors vs. Nets: Chuck Swirsky, please shut up

[url=http://arsenalist.com/2006/12/16/raptors-vs-nets-chuck-swirsky-please-shut-up/]http://arsenalist.com/2006/12/16/raptor ... e-shut-up/[/url]

This is getting too friggin funny about Chucky. :lol: I'm not attacking Chuck, I don't know him except for the few times I listen to him when I watch some Raps bb. He seems like a fine outstanding gentleman to myself. I bet he has a sense of humour and can take a bit of ribbing, he did open himself up to it you have to admit.

Welcome to Canada Chuck. :wink:

You will find disagreement with every broadcaster or writer.

So what?