Sweetness & Light. The Poll.

Not enough democracy in the world.
Lets vote!

This is a poll for the title only, not the author.

Before I vote yea or nay here, what exactly is the question?

Personally, I like the nicknames in the game day thread titles, but not a fan of Russ's nickname for the Ticats. Something more fierce would be better, in my opinion. (Although the way they've ben playing lately....)

Aye means you like the Cats moniker 'Sweetness & Light'
Nay mean you don't.

i hope i understand the next poll better...

But if I vote that I don't like this particular nickname, which I already stated that I don't, will people not also infer that I don't like the nicknames in the titles?

Perhaps we need to invoke the Clarity Act? :wink:

It's a very poorly designed poll. It provides no context, and assumes you read 10-plus pages into a game-day thread. And of course it violates the #1 rule of survey design, which is to make sure you have a clear, unambiguous question.

But this probably explains why the OP ignored the suggestion in that other thread that he simply start his own game-day thread and let people decide which one to use. Starting a thread that meets the standards we've come to expect on this forum would require much more eloquence than is evident above. (It's always easier to criticize than to create.)

I'd like to see a few more Kiss the Witches threads.

Agreed. Maybe tonight?

That would be nice. But I've got my bag of marshmallows ready, as I expect I'll be looking for them by about 9:00 tonight.

I've got a good feeling about tonight.
Our Offence is playing better, and EDM has many injuries at the LB position and Bowmen and John White are out.
Reilly holds onto the ball longer than any QB, hopefully our front 7 can get some heat on him.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/07/20/news-notes-esks-vs-ticats/]http://3downnation.com/2017/07/20/news- ... vs-ticats/[/url]

I agree with Grover, again! I, too, think the stars are aligned for our first win. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

D was on fire last weekend. As long as Hill keeps his cool and plays his game, we should be able to hold them, and maybe they can rack up some points to help out the O.

They have been playing like the Sweetness and light. :oops: :oops: :oops:

I think one of the predictors of tonight’s outcome will be our ability to handle Willis. If we can keep him on a short leash, then I think Zach will be comfortable in the pocket and be more in control of the game. If he runs free, disrupts the timing, and lays some body on Zach early, then I think we will be in trouble throughout the game.

From the depth charts, I guess that it will be up to Holmes and Prime, although it may occassionally be Fulton?

Hill and Leonard should shore up the right side, don’t remember hearing much about Lyn on the other. Wooten and Lawrence will help.

This will be a tough one, but a good indicator of whether we have made any improvements. I am starting to worry that LeStaf may have been spot on with his assessment of Rheinbolt as DC?

Yes..poorly worded.

Of course I am a yea...but if I don't see some decent coaching tonite then 'Dumb & Dumber' might start sounding appropriate.

Enough of this Sweetness and Light/Evil Incarnate stuff. With all respect to Russ.

Whatever this thread is supposed to mean...I am unequivocally sitting on the fence. Here's why:

Tonight's game looks like a mismatch in favour of Edmonton. However things don't always work out that way. Interceptions and fumbles by Edmonton could make them implode, fire up our Cats and put us in the win column.
It has happened before and there is no accounting for it. Just like Montreal and Calgary.
I just hope it is our time for this tonight.
If not, I think it will be a long and ugly season.
Go Tiger-Cats!!!!

Ok. I agree with the poster who said this board is too negative.

No need to fire Austin or Reinbold or anyone. Once Davis and Kanneh come back the D will solidify. Collaros is will be fine and he will get used to all the relatively new receivers. We will turn this around.

Also with no disrespect to the poster but I am glad those stupid game day thread names will be gone once and for all. Not a negative person, love this forum, but as someone mentioned we are adults on here talking football.

Again no disrespect to Russ but what in Gods name is wrong with calling our Hamilton football team the "Tiger-Cats". That is what their nickname is.

Looking forward to "Tiger-Cats vs Stampeders" next week. Go Cats

Here is a good idea, why don't one of the people who so vehemently dislike the way Russ words the Game Day threads step up, PM him and volunteer to take on the responsibility to start them 3 hours before every game time.
I am sure the gentleman that Russ is, he would gladly allow you to take over.

I think Russ is totally right, Sweetness and Light is a very good name for this team right now. Thank you Russ :cowboy: