Sweetness & Light at Mossquito Excitement GT, Sat Sept. 27

Saturday, September 27, 2014
6:30 PM ET
Hamilton at Winnipeg

Drew Willy is slated to be the Bomber QB on Saturday night, coming off a leg injury. Hamilton will seek to avenge an earlier clhanger loss at home to Skeeterville. Moissis Madu checks back in as the starting halfback for the Cats. I see a big game by Collaros and company to gain ground in the East race on Evil (which is on a bye).

Oski Wee Wee,


Actually, Willy is dealing with a shoulder injury (I confused him with Bo Levi Mitchell when I was writing it). As well, “Mossquitos” are unique to Staggerville as their bite causes typos. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Over under 130 yards Rushing for Magic Madu tomorrow?

Under. I can’t see him getting to rush the ball enough. The opportunity IS there if they can run 15+ times, but that isn’t in the Austin/Condell M.O.

Oski Wee Wee,


Sweetness and Light?
WTF is that supposed to mean?
The Cats?
They ain't sweet.

This game will be won or lost by the D. The Bummers will most likely try to run the ball to keep Willy from pushing the shoulder injury and losing more time so the line and linebackers better have their chinstraps done up. Also, that group (front 7) can get the bummers out of the game by pounding on Willy. They should be the ones that "test that shoulder" by getting to him early and often. Brohm behind centre is a best-case scenario for the Cats.

Good luck to them I say. Wpg is dead last in rushing and stopping the run.
We may be just above them in rushing yards but that's a little skewed since we had nice rbs last week lol.

Our front seven only need to worry about screens slowing and them down. But that aside we will be harassing DW all game.

I’m going to say over. He’ll likely break 1 or 2 long runs


Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats · 33s
In our last 4 games, #Ticats WR @andyfantuz has a #CFL-best 27 catches for 288 yards including six receptions for second-down conversions.

Well Cat fans, Saturday night CFL Football is on TSN tonight with the first of two games at 6:30pm with our Tiger-Cats at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The last time these two teams met in Hamilton at RJS at Mac it was a close game and pulled out in the dying seconds of the game by a come back by Drew Willy and the Bombers. Zach Collaro's didn't play in that game and was still out with a concussion, but now Collar's is healthy and back and Willy is back from injury and will be starting tonight for the bombers.

It's a match up of two young guns in Collao's and Willy and which team will overcome and win tonight and what do Ti-Cat fans feel is necessary for the Tiger-Cats to win and beat the Bombers and your prediction on final score?

Tiger-Cats 34 Bombers 24


Like your prediction and I am definitely looking for a birthday present from the Ticats in the form of a win over the Bombers - and NOT a last minute one like Willy had @RJS!

IGF will be loud but if the Ticats can get out to an early lead and keep their foot on the gas, not letting the Bombers back in the game, they can make the crowd noise a non-factor!

While the run is not a "go-to" play for Condell/Austin (as compared to a team like the Riders) I'm sure that they are fully aware of the Bombers stats against the run and I wonder if they might just take advantage of that since the BBs likely won't be expecting much of a run game from the Ticats. THAT would be sweet!

Lets go Cats!!!!

Whip those bummers!!!! :rockin:

Austin tweeted earlier " this ones for Tabbiefanmcb"

Happy bday

Didnt get alcohol this afternoon. Please dont tell me i have to listen to Rod Black sober?!?!

BIG mistake!!


Good luck Cats!! you can do it!

I just hope the refs call a good game. It's one thing if we lose fairly, another when ref's decide to be homies and make bogus calls!!

Ha! If it gets too bad i’ll callget into the rubbing alcohol. Eye sight be damned

I hear cough syrup and mouthwash aren’t bad cocktails either, lol.

:lol: :lol: