Sweetness & Light at Larks Game Thread, Sun Sept 5, 1 pm et

Sun September 7
Hamilton at Montreal
1pm et/10am pt

A huge game for both teams as Hamilton and Montreal seek to tie Toronto for first in the East with a win. I still have my doubts about the Als offense even with the noticeable improvement with Jonathan Crompton at QB. The Cats must stop Brandon Whitaker consistently and mix in blitzing well to disrupt the Als' passing game. Both defences are solid, but it will take big special teams plays and turnovers to decide this one.

On offense, Zach Collaros will have his opportunities against a Montreal secondary that is susceptible to breakdowns in coverage...look for Banks or Giguere to be able to get open for deep shots if Zach can scramble.

Oski Wee Wee,


i think this is the game it all comes together for us.

we win by 20

Hamilton is averaging 17.5 points on the road, Montreal is allowing on average 23.4 points. I don't see a blowout here by either team.

I mean I guess you could say that Montreal is as comparible as the other west teams we've played on the road so far... I wouldn't because I don't want to get made fun of but by all means if you want be my guest. Yolo as the kids say

The Ticats will do everything in their power to lose this one but well come out on top 18-15 in a flop for both teams! Lets hope our D comes to play! :thup:

Crompton is not a starting QB. Unless the Ticats completely implode in this one, Montreal has no chance.

8) Brandon Banks won't be playing tomorrow, Russ.

As expected, the only line-up changes for this week are the return of Rico Murray and the addition of Aaron Crawford as the LS in place of Fortin, who goes the Injured List along with Coe.

MTL making 3 changes for this game --Aaron Lavarias and Scott Paxton come off the Injured List to start on the D-Line and Jonathon Beaulieu-Richard is added, from the Practice Roster, as a back-up FB. D-linemen Jermaine McElveen, a starter, and Brian Brikowski, a back-up, are moved to the Injured List this week and back-up O-lineman Jake Piotrowkis goes to the P.R.

Some Game notes from TiCats site

[b]QB Starters: The Tiger-Cats opened Tim Horton’s Field with the return from injury of Zach Collaros and he led them to a tight 13-12 win over Toronto. It was yet another win by a young QB over his former mentor (Ricky Ray). Collaros is now 6-5 in 11 career starts, 1-2 with Hamilton. Against Montreal he is 1-2 (all with Toronto) and in road starts he is 4-2 lifetime.
Last week, Collaros set a career-best when he completed 14 consecutive passes in the first half.

For Montreal it will again be Jonathan Crompton who made his CFL debut start last week in a 20-10 win over Ottawa. He has been the primary QB in two straight games completing 33-of-54 for 511 yards but without a TD pass. He has thrown 4 interceptions in 54 attempts but guided Montreal to three TD drives in the 27 drives he has led.

Age vs Youth: This game matches the league’s youngest team Hamilton (26.5 years of age) with the CFL’s oldest club Montreal.
The Alouettes’ current roster averages 28.0 years of age. Montreal has 17 players 30 years or older, Hamilton has just 6.[/b]

On Defence we must stop these 4 guys and put some pressure on Crompton

Brandon Whitaker: Is the only CFL running back on pace to reach 1,000 yards this season and he is #2 with 531 yards. He is the only RB to have at least 10 carries in every game so far and is #1 in % of his team’s offence at 27%.

Carter, Green, Sutton & Whitaker: Over the last THREE games, these four players have dominated Montreal’s offence. They have combined for 45 catches for 564 yards compared to just 13 catches (149 yards) by the rest of the offence.
Duron Carter and Brandon Whitaker have combined for 29 receptions over the three contests.

On Offence

[b] Mossis Madu: The Ti-Cats started Madu at running back and he made 26 touches gaining 122 yards. In the first 7 games of 2014 he had a total of only 14 on offence (9 rushes, 5 catches). No CFL player had more touches in Week #10 than Madu.

Greg Ellingson: Over the last three games, Ellingson has 15 catches for 187 yards; 6 of those receptions have been for 2nd down conversions (all coming in the last two contests). He was one of 5 Hamilton players last week to catch passes for 40+ yards.

Hamilton’s #2 passing game: The Tiger-Cats are #2 in the CFL in passing at 262.3 yards per game and over the last 3 contests have averaged 322 yards (most of any team).

Special teams

Justin Medlock: Ranks #1 in the CFL in trapping opponents inside the 20-yard line with his punts. He has 23 in only 8 games and opponents have just one 30+ yard punt return against the Hamilton cover unit[/b].

Koch will be returning kicks again, although we had horrible field position last game after kicks,
Koch did not turn the ball over

I think it will be closer ticats 24 Al’s 17

That Al’s Defense is mean

It would be a huge setback if Hamilton loses today. Tiger-Cats win unless they choke like Eugenie Bouchard. :lol:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 7m
Good morning from Montreal. Not a bad day for a football game.

Larks new sweaters


Caretaker is on the field

Caretaker to Coach Austin

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 5m
#Ticats will be wearing their white jersey, white pant combo today vs. #Als. That’s a dangerous fashion choice after Labour Day. :thdn:

Whatever works. Go Cats Go!


It's game time.!!!!!

Let's do this.

Oski wee Wee...

Whoever makes the decision on what uniform combo to wear needs to give their head a shake. Never evere ever should white pants be a option :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: