Sweetness & Light at Gang Green GT, Sat. July 8, 10 pm et

Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Saskatchewan Roughriders
Sat. July 8, 10 pm et

Well, the Cats are in the spotlight...microscope...after a bye week following the debacle in Toronto. Saskatchewan looks for its first win at New Mosaic after a narrow loss in OT to Winnipeg. I expect a much better effort by the Ticats, but the Riders are always tough in their yard. Hope to see you here!

Oski Wee Wee,



Sorry, I can't hear you over the crowd noise.

Not sure if people were predicting this but Gable is one of our scratches. Makes sense to allow him to make some money I suppose instead of leaving him at home, not a complete slap in the face.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/07/08/ticats-v-riders-game-day-preview/]http://3downnation.com/2017/07/08/ticat ... y-preview/[/url]

TSN play-by-play: Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor

Referee: Tim Kroger

Weather: Clear, 28 degrees with winds out of the East at 22 km/h.

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 24m24 minutes ago
#Ticats will be in resplendent in white jerseys & gold pants. #Riders in, um, green. #CFL

Jake theSnake? @argos_suck 15m15 minutes ago
Made it. #Ticats #Riders #CFLGameDay

Three RBs were listed on the depth chart so I'm actually not surprised because Timmis plays STs so I expected he might stick.

Hi all.

Re: Your final pic - Unfortunately not tonight - at least not in the second half - or maybe it was just the fourth quarter when they put on the SJ Green show!

This first series probably sets the tone for the whole evening.

Liking Speedy's opening return - much better - but not the procedure penalty or the overthrow! :x

Starting with a 2 and out AGAIN!! :x

Hope not.

Then it's not encouraging. :frowning:

Good play by #9 - wonder why they cut him?? Bad FP for Collaros though. Hope the O can get something going here.

Got 10 yards on that play...too bad they needed 14...

OUCH Another 2 and out coupled by REALLY bad FP Castillo gives up 2. Probably not a bad idea.

Here we go again. I'm so over this same old crap. Prove me wrong please.

I hate giving up 2! :frowning:

Well...we are playing football, not very well, but Cats are on the field so I am happy.

Not much point in going for anything less than the first down if you're going to give up the safety anyway. Might as well have thrown it deep.

Now - let's see if the safety pays off for us.

Baby steps. Better than the first series when nothing was caught.