Sweetness & Light at Evil Incarnate GT, Sun June 25, 4 pm et

Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Toronto Argonauts
Sun. June 25, 4 pm et / 1 pm pt

The rivalry of the ages returns!







coolers packed with ice.

heading outta here 'round 12:30 ... 1pm meeting with a few other fans at the Clarkson go station parking lot for a few cold beverages....

Oski Wee Wee!!!

Have a great time!

Anyone else getting a little tired of the TSN love fest with Tressman?

I'm going through TSN news & videos and there seems to be dozens of stories; including "Ricky Ray really happy that Tressman is the coach", Green telling TSN that "Tressman is the best coach he's ever played for", the "new look Argos excited to be playing for Tressman", "former NFL coach praises Tressman", "Tressman should be coach of the year" "Tressman returns" "Tressman will bring the fans back" "Tressman brings a new attitude"

Yes, but that's why we are Cats fans. We are used to Hogtown snagging all the headlines off the field, to bad they can't seem to ever beat us when it really matters.

I hope BMO is only left smothered in black and gold after halftime just like last year's season opener.

Also wanted to add that Trestman is a great pickup for them, I'm mostly just in full on hatred mode today lol but, there is a reason he is back in the CFL, and he hasn't inherited a ready made Grey Cup team like he did back with the Als.

Toronto Sports Network in full form. Lol

Big difference in having Calvillo at his peak vs. inheriting a Ricky Ray whose injury woes of recent years have been well documented. We have more QB depth than they do...how often have we been able to say that?

I fully expect to hear Oski Wee Wee and Argos Suck chants prior to kickoff - just like last year :slight_smile:

TiCats fans, if using Lakeshore east Go. :frowning:

CP24?Verified account

GO Transit: Service suspended to Danforth GO and Scarborough GO on Lakeshore East Line after person struck and killed by VIA train.

FINALLY - the BEST game of the week!!! Looking forward to it and to seeing LOTS of black and gold in the stands! :rockin: :rockin:
Hope the weather is better there later on than here - just had a storm roll through with some light hail!

First three games decided by a total of 4 points, with each outcome decided on the last play of the game. So, hard to have a closer finish than we've been seeing. To be honest, if we don't build up a convincing lead I'll find it hard to enjoy myself.

Have to agree although we always hear how Trestman "rejuvenated" AC's career. Maybe he extended it but I think Calvillo was playing pretty well before Trestman arrived on the scene. I also don't think AC had spent as much time injured (if any) unlike Ray. Keeping Ricky on his feet is going to be the main key to him having extended success.

It's game day, Russ has posted the GDT, life is good. GO CATS!!!!

I wonder if Darian Durant could sway the “football gods” to not have it rain today at BMO? :wink:

Agreed - never can relax during a Ticats game unless they have a good lead but a last second FG to seal the deal would probably put some minds to rest about the talents of our new kicker Castillo. Hope that's not needed of course and they come home with a nice "W" but I don't care if it's not a blowout like last year.
I meant best as in best one for Ticats fans to view - or as Marshall Ferguson put it the other day - it's the delicious dessert ending to the weekend! :smiley: And we ALL LOVE dessert - don't we?

I think playing behind Tracy Ham and then having Don Matthews arrive as head coach was the catalyst for AC's revival. AC was a Grey Cup champion by the time Trestman first inherited him. Trestman's passing offense was the perfect design for Calvillo to become a record-breaker.

Oski Wee Wee,


Going to be a black and gold party if this weather sticks...boatmen fans are going to want no part of this weather...game might even get delayed this is quite the storm...can't imagine how wild it is down by the lake at BMO, I'm on opposite side and it most definitely isn't friendly football weather.

Oh yes, those Boatmen fans...enjoy!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvOyF9F540g :D :D :D :D

Lmao that's great...sounds like a boatmen fan to me...need for fun advertising like that, actually got me a bit hot under the collar at first :lol:

Here's a clip of Zach Collaros talking about today's game:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/collaros-execution-will-be-key-against-trestman-s-new-look-argos%7E1154020]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/collaros-ex ... %7E1154020[/url]