Sweetness & Light at Evil Incarnate GT, Fri Oct 10, 7 pm et

10-0 Cats after one quarter courtesy of Money Medlock.

Money Medlock..

10 to gooseegg.

got home just in time for the INT

It’s almost time to go deep

i wonder if the Ballard cup is in attendance tonight?????

Usually they award it after the last game of the regular season series as I recall.

The defence is close enough to score should they get a turnover here.

what was he looking at?!?!?


Defence and special teams come up big!!! First down on the 15!!!

Solid return.
Getting 7 points here is a must.

Who, Black?? He was having triple Salchows dancing in his head! LOL

Cats defense gets to Ray and he tosses the ball away as he's hitting the turf. "Did they get to Ray too late?" says Rod Black. :lol:
Actually it should have been a sack instead of the penalty.

Looked like Sinkfield eased up at the end, allowing the blew guy to catch him. Could also be that he was tired after running across the field twice. Or was he hotdogging in front of his friends on the blew bench?

And not that it matters, but I think Ray was down before he threw that pass that got him the deliberate grounding call.

13-0 Cats after Medlock drills it in from 21 yards.

We need touchdowns!

Forgot about the stats thing. You’re right, that should have been another sack for Norwood.

Norwood just got one anyway.

Norwood, that's his 2nd this game, I think.

Looked like Breaux got pulled out of bounds on that play. Both players should have been allowed to come back in and continue to play.

nice gifted td there.

thanks refs

Can someone please explain to me how they can call Breaux for “illegal participation” and not Chiles, when they BOTH went out of bounds and came back in?

These refs blow.