Sweetness & Light at Evil Incarnate GT, Fri Oct 10, 7 pm et


Evenin Russ

Rod Black: "Last time he played in Rogers centre, he was wearing an Arghos uniform." Who was he talking about?

Great start!
But....what the heck is going on with the "crowd"? Hardly anyone there.
I would not be surprised if Tiger fans outnumber the Blue team fans. It doesn't look like there are any more than about one thousand people there.

Evening HTD!

It could be very close in the fan numbers department.

LOL.. .Team Blew

Team DIRTY!!!!

3 UR penalties so far!!

3 major penalties against evil incarnate already.

Ticat D is ROLLING!

fantuz :?

What does "Sweetness & Light" mean?

In fact, the Naughts are verging on mid-1980s Cat fan numbers at IWS…south of 15,000. In the Rogers Centre, that makes it look like 3,000…

hello world

I'm starting late into this GDT as I was on the phone with dad-in-law. Nice opening drive for TD.


Well, it is the polar opposite of Pigskin Putrescence. Just noting. :smiley:


Wouldn’t it actually be the opposite of evil incarnate? :smiley:

Yes, they are synonymous. :smiley:



"What an incredibly accurate tip-drill pick from Ricky Ray into the hands of the ballhawking Ticat defence" - Rod Black in his head

Simoni with the big interception. Now, Zach needs to get on his horse and deliver the mail.