Sweetness and Light vs. Two Colours Game Thread

Russ- Where are you? It's game thread time.
I got given 2 50 yd. line tickets from the club because they have shifted me all around due to the stadium completion problem- and I had to give them away to my kids tonight due to another appointment.

My daughter texts that it's cold at the field.

Keep this thread populated gang so when I get home from my meeting I can read what happened.

And Russ..... get to work!

I predict 26 - 9 Cats.

Also.... let's see some people comment on the game on the CFL thread. Give those western guys some Ticat talk.

I'm glad you started this thread Mark. I was looking to post on the game thread but it wasn't there yet so I had to start a different one (which wasn't worthy of being "the" game thread).

I'll be here - just hope I'm not talking to myself all night! :smiley: I know many fans will be at the game but hopefully there'll be someone else commenting on here!

Thanks to Mark for the save!

Hi folks! Hoping for an early birthday present from the Cats (my birthday is Sunday)!


I LOVE BOOB5!!! :rockin:

Lets tackle some breast cancer tonight boys and girls!

Oskie Wee Wee! :thup:

hello world

Fri. Evening in YHM, not was windy as games past :thup:

Cloudy with showers


Feels like 13
P.O.P: 40%
Rain: Less than 1 mm
Wind SW 20 km/h
Wind gust 38 km/h
Humidity 81%

I’m sure they’ll deliver. I asked for the same thing for my birthday three weeks ago and they were very accommodating! :lol:

Carter gets his first carry on the first play of the game and Zach goes on the run for the FD!

ZC4 might become our top RB this year! :smiley:

The eastern hemisphere says hello as well.

Nice play on 3rd and 1 after Tasker is stopped just short. But then Zach overthrows Sinkfield. GRR!

And it does look like he's hard to bring down. Got at least two extra yards after contact, and almost caught his balance to take it further.

What part of Asia or Oceania are you watching from? :stuck_out_tongue:


Who heard that . . "Maher, are you Inbred?" from a mic from a fan in the stands :lol:

Medlock kicks for posts from 22

3-0 Cats :rockin:

I'm in Taiwan, it's 23 degrees at 7:18 am Saturday morning.

After starting near their 30 the Ticats are now at the OttRBs 20 and Ottawa draws an offside! Fantuz would have had a TD if he had been able to hang on to the ball on the 2 yd line :oops: 3-0 With the Medlock FG.

Now to see how fast the D can get Hank off the field. BTW the "Henreeeee" chant just before kickoff was loud and clear on my TV! :slight_smile:

Fantuz was wide open, and would have been able to just roll into the endzone for the TD. almost got it even with the bad throw.

Settle for three.

Is anyone listening to CHML on-line?
It's not working for me, I was just wondering if maybe their web site is having problems.