Sweetness and Light vs. Larks Game Thread, August 23rd

Tiger-Cats at Alouettes
August 23, 2012
7:30 pm

I didn’t see a game thread up, so here’s one!

Oski Wee Wee,


Game time in about 15-20min! Really no expectations heading into this game. I am just assuming we are going to lose souly based on the fact that were in their barn but I also won't be in awe and shock if we win this game. My pre-game diagnosis: Very winnable game.

If the Cats can stay away from turnovers and penalties this game is very winnable.
Go Cats

I was worried about the possibility of rain tonight after what happened against Calgary, but it looks like it's cleared up. I think it's going to be a shootout, with both teams over 35 points. With any luck at all, the good guys come out on top.

Our receiving corps matches up well against their secondary. However, without a sustained pass rush against AC, the Cats are going to be carved up and served for AC's birthday party.. It is a winnable game, but the defence MUST execute.

In our week 4 victory over the Als our d-line did a very good job IMO of getting pressure on AC. They have had a quite a few shaky weeks since that game but hopefully they can return to their week 4 form and rattle AC a little bit tonight.

There is a typhoon over here in the southern part of the island, they're expecting 1700 mm of rain. That's rain.

BOOM! What a way to start it off!

Was that a 3-4 defence to start?

Great stunt and sack by Johnson!

Ok, it's all relative, I guess. What we consider a torrential rain storm here is more a light drizzle over there, eh?

D looked good on their first series. O? Not so much. Two and out both ways.

I get the sense Montreal has a lot of confidence in their running game (or so little confidence in our ability to stop it).

Three 3 and outs to start it out??? Who would have predicted that?

Giguere just carried a defender about ten yards. Now that's what we've been looking for.

Can we protect Burris for atleast a couple seconds??? Holy hell.

We get unbelivable amounts of rain here during typhoons. We've had storms with well over 2 metres of rain.
But let's hope the sun shines on the Tiger Cats this game.
It's a good start, Congi with the field goal, 3-0 for us.

Congi hits a FG, 3-0 Cats

Sean Whyte's rouge makes it 3-1 Cats. The D is playing well so far!

Great job by Bartell on that boomer

Now if the offence can stop cheating they might be able to get some positive yards.
That last series was brutal and now they get a penalty on defence.
5 plays - 4 penalties

Good reaction by Hinds on the onside play!