Sweetness and Light vs Greenies

According to the localized THF weather forecast tomorrow:temp at 7 PM 13/14 degrees, feels like 10. Wind North at 27. At 10 PM the wind has dropped to North 10, the temp to 11, feels like 9. Only 20% chance of precip.
Windy to start, but not goal post bending. Weather should not be a factor after half time.

I'm looking forward to a WIN. Got my cow bell tuned and lots of throat logenzes

can't wait!

should be a great game. im not counting that hurricane that Jeff had to play in as his first official start. this one will be :wink:

Well I'll be watching from slightly further away than normal (I hope) as we are off to spend Thanksgiving with our mothers. Unfortunately that means no internet access or posting during the game though! Don't know what I'll do since I won't be able to yell or celebrate back and forth with fellow fans online! :smiley: Might try a comment or two on my phone if it isn't too small to see!

Looking forward to a better outing from Jeff, and a good game from all the other Ticats, resulting in a big W of course! :rockin:


The Riders Cory Watman will make his first start of the season at centre in place of Dan Clark(concussion).

TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde with Matthew Scianitti :cry:

Referee: Dave Foxcroft(BIGCATS favorite!)

The weather forecast: Partly cloudy, 13 degrees with a 20 per cent chance of rain. Winds out of the north at 25 km/h gusting to 40 km/h.

We need this win! I’m calling Cats win 36 -13

Matthews is in the qb learning curve of playing with real bullets now - not practice and not Ivy League football in college
Either it is going to be a rockem sockeem slug fest
Or an offensive frustration
Remember the ticats havnt had a real success at rookie qb position since Chuck Ealy
And he led the Cats to a 11-3 reg season record and grey cup
To think Matthews can lead the Cats to the Grey Cup this year is just a dream - and placing a heavy
And I think impossible burden on his back -
Has he had to come up to,the plate too fast - Yes - but better sooner then later
Growing pains will pay off one day - but I don't think this day and year

All valid points.

I remember Chuck EalEy in 1972. He still holds the NCAA record for most consecutive wins by a starting QB (Toledo) yet was only going to be drafted by the NFL as a DB - it seems there was thing called prejudice at the time. The NFL's loss was our gain.

I think Jeff Mathews will do fine. He played very well last Friday (imo).


as far as rookies,,,what about ken hobart? he led us to the grey cup game in 1985,,,and did went rookie of the year i believe,,,but difference is he was starter from beginning of the year,,,i still hold out hope and believe if we we can score 21 points a game and not throw pick 6's we can win any game left this year.

Thanks for starting the thread, Wheezer!

Looking forward to this one! :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


Toliver sits, as a Reserve, with Underwood starting in his spot. Nevis is again the second Reserve.

How much do I hate listening to Jock Climie. he is absolutely gloating at the fact that Collaros is out. Come on Cats wipe that smile off his face.

That's not good.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago #Ticats win the toss... and elect to receive. So #Riders will have the wind in Q2 & Q4. That's not conventional wisdom is it,
Well, we get good field position after illegal kick out of bounds.

Alright, getting two points doesn't get any easier from here. Please don't screw this up.

Hello Ti-Cat fans.

Hi all



Sinkfield gains us a few, Tasker tackled a yard or two short of what would have been FD. Got good throw to him with Hall taking him down.

Alright, D needs to carry the team. Let's see if they can do it.

2nd and short, Messam gets nowhere. Welcome back, Norwood!

Contact was made, but I think that was a soccer dive.

And a RTK penalty extends the greenie’s drive

Crap. Daly tried to block the punt, takes RTK call instead. Another two and out would be great now.

Yeah, punters tend to do that to draw penalties like that.

Getzlaf gets FD, Reed takes OC call. Things not going well so far since the RTK call.