Sweetness and Light at Leos, Fri. Aug. 30, 10 pm et

Agree with that. Unfortunately BC has just scored. :frowning: Time to roll Ticats! :thup:

Lions march down the field,

Lulay to Gore on the 5 yard TD pass,

7-0 Lions

Great return by Gable.. time for the O to answer!

Or not!

Ticats go 0-2 again after Gable gets the Ticats up to midfield on a great KO return,

Bartel is on to punt it away again.....

Nice punt Bartel. At least STs are looking better. Offense needs to start purring - but first to shut down the Leos O!

That's their second 2 and out, the offence needs to get it in gear. The Cats have ran 4 offensive plays for about 8 yards.

Might not be our night tonight, but I have faith Austin can right the ship!

Now if Ticats can stuff them on 3rd and 1 but unfortunately not quite. sigh! :expressionless:

The lack of Sammie G. will cause lots of adjustments. It's going to take time to shake down.

Way to go defense!! :thup: Offense - time to roll!!

Extra man rush on the punt. One less man to block. End result... no return.

Our defense is starting to play a little more physical and starting to make plays,

We just need Burris et al. to wake up and get it in on this drive! :smiley:

Wow what a punt and coverage by our special teams there, lions start on their 13!


We have D rolling and STs - Come on offense - :slight_smile: good field position coming up!

Start on the Lions 40 but Burris gets sacked by Bighill :roll:

On second down Burris throws an INC looking for Bakari Grant on the Lions 30....

We are wasting downs with great field position, jeez..... :thdn:

Great punt by Bartel, way to pins the leos inside their 10!

WTF is with the offense?!?

Get your shit together guys!!!

just wondering when we might get our first first down

The quarter if finally over. The Cats have now run 6 offensive plays and with that sack they probably have less than 20 yards offense.

Need a 2-0 here for our D......but instead Andrew Harris rumbles for 20 yards, needed to run a run blitz there c'mon guys!