Sweetness and Light at Leos, Fri. Aug. 30, 10 pm et

Tiger-Cats at Lions (TSN)
Tonight at 9:30pm et/6:30pm pt

TSN.ca has a game preview at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=430809 .

Ought to be a slugfest...the Cats need to get off to a quick start under the Big Top.

See you folks here.



More on the Giguere injury situation at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=430738 . Stala will take his spot tonight.

Thanks for the preview Russ!

Gonna watch NDSU take on Kansas State before this game starts! Imagine if both the Bison & the Ticats pull off the win tonight??? I would imagine the Ticats have a better chance at the W though! :smiley:

Always love the Lion- Tiger-Cat games. It's the day the residents of African Lion Safari are allowed to stay up late!

Like that one! :lol: Always look forward to a good catfight!! :smiley: GO TICATS!!

This Friday 10:00 pm kickoff sucks. Younger TiCats fans are hammered by now, older went to bed, leaving the middle aged fans on the verge of running out of beer thus cranky.

Yes, I'm cranky. I hope the TiCats are too. Eat 'em raw!

Plus, I hate the colour orange except in a pop drink. An ex-girlfriend who stole my Vermont Castings bbq now lives in Vancouver. Their hockey team embarrassed the entire country in 2011. Kokanee beer sucks and their commercials are stupid.

The only good thing about British Columbia is if a massive earthquake hits North America they will be our canaries in the mine shaft. Enjoy your slide into the Pacific, inconsiderate indoor kitties.

Ok, they have pretty mountains - but that's their only redeeming quality!

Orange is better than the 'black' it was hard to make out who was who.. The player numbers seemed almost invisible.

Agreed the 10pm games suck.. I have to be up for work tomorrow at 4am!!!

BUT.. .I m no where near out of beer....lol

Go Cats.. kick off in 20 minutes!

Game time baby!!!


Climie is rooting for us...sign of the end time? LMAO

Kickoff is imminent.


Lions 4-0 @ home this year, lets make them 4-1 at home after tonight!

Oskie Wa Wa!!!

What's he smoking tonight??? :?

Bonjour Russ

I'd prefer Climie just keep his trap shut

Good start for the D... Lions go 2 and out!

2-0 for BC O, Good coverage by Davis!!

Small tidbit of Trivia, Paul McCallum is the last active player in the CFL who has suited up for the Ottawa Rough Riders....

Travis Lulay has yet to pass for over 300 yards in a game this year, has a TD pass in 33/35 of his last games.....

Crappy call on Beadreaux :x

THAT was a WEAK horsecollar call... BS!!!

That was a weak call, he hit him on the shoulder

Horse pucky

Always the weak calls result in points!

Looked like JJ was in the BC huddle on that play.

Missed holding on the previous long pass.

Secondary crossed up on the TD. Crap.