Sweetness and Light at Gang Green GT, Sun. June 29 7 pm et

Looks like it!

Another td for the rides and a facemask to boot for Butler..... :thdn:

Hmmmm. Looking ugly early. TD Riders!

Our downfall? That's fan talk.

You stopped being a fan, remember Tom/Onknight?

Once you jump off the fan bandwagon there is no coming back. You need a new team, which you can then dump again as a "fan".

10-0 Greenguys

No Defence no -oline no hope

Riders making it look easy out there even in this rubbish weather.....TD riders Anthony Allen,

milo makes it 10-0 rides god this is going south fast..... :expressionless:

What kind of panzy ass tackle was Davis doing on that completion?
He made no attempt at all to wrap his arms around the receiver and got burned because of it.

Just a matter of time before Austin blows his first gasket of the season Drew Edwards hopes it won't be on him.... :roll:

Swiss Cheese 12-0 Greenguys

YUCK!!! Come on Cats. Let's get with it!!!!!

Hmmm..... may I hope that this is a case of an O-line that will learn to mesh over time?

Safe to say that so far everything that happened in the pre-season is happening now...

In this game: Sasky's O-Line is dominating the line of scrimmage and our O-Line is at a JV high school level...

I'm just waiting for someone to say "Call back Marwan!!!!"

The O-line is looking worse than bad.
Listening to Austin's pre-game chat, I think the Tiger Cats bought a ticket and are enjoying the game from the stands, because they are not on the field.

Defense going to be worn out by half time! -21 yards offence!

Dumb penalty by Butler redeemed by causing the turnover.

Finally we get a break on the Fumble

Someone needs to take Butler off the field for a few plays to get his head together....

And a fumble!!!!

Come on. Stop the penalties....

FFS Cary Koch lol after the Tasker Gain.... :lol:

That type of tackle should never be called a Roughing the Passer penalty...

This is the type of over protection that's ruining the game...