Sweet Caroline!

Sweet Caroline!

The Hamilton folks are doing it right with their between action music being pumped into the stadium. Loved hearing 'Sweet Caroline' over the PA system.


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Not only that, the guitar riff is sweet.

I was thinking a while ago that this might be the most common played song at multiple sport games.

The songwriter has admitted that the song was written for/about Caroline Kennedy, who was ELEVEN YEARS OLD at the time.

You'll have to forgive me for never cheering while it plays.

It’s up there but I believe Ozzy takes that one easily for Crazy Train. Every time I hear the “Ay, Ay”beginning I cringe. Used to be Gary Glitter and Rock and Roll Part II but sexual indiscretions ended those royalties. Also We are the Champions is always played at the end of the final game.

This Caroline?! She's a smoke show!

What part of "eleven years old" doesn't creep you out?

As I had never heard that I checked up on it and while there appears to be some truth to what was posted, it is not creepy as it was made out to be.

The song was actually written about Neil’s wife Marcia (married 1969-95) but he needed three syllables for the name and changed it to Caroline as a result. He disclosed this when he sang it for Caroline Kennedy at her 50th birthday party in 2007. Caroline apparently was and remains flattered by this.

Neil cited a picture of Caroline as a six year old on a horse that inspired him to use the name 5 years later because he thought it was adorable. It appears questionable as to whether the Caroline Kennedy reference is actually true or whether Neil just made it up later to compliment her. In any event there does not appear to be any concern that the lyrics of the song have anything to do with an eleven year old girl, or that there are any inappropriate sexual connotations to the song.

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That's some serious research! I still hate the song.

Plus the explanation sounds like it could be after-the-fact damage control - I still have doubts. I will admit, however, that my thoughts on this are likely coloured by my distaste for both song and singer.

…me too, can’t stand it

I just googled it and read about 4 different explanations and summarized them. From 1969-2007 it appeared clear that the song was about his wife so the Caroline Kennedy reference is questionable.

I’m with you on the song and singer and had hoped that you were right so I could use it whenever I had to put up with the song. Cheesy lounge schlock I say.

Meh, facts are optional in today's world... go ahead and use my explanation! :grin:

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It's a Boston sports song, redsox to be exact. I don't care that we're just stealing their thing, let's get our own.

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Song reminds me of a college campus party where there's mostly women and I'm like the only guy there getting phone numbers, etc.

The song puts me in a good mood. I choose to believe the myth and will now think about Caroline Kennedy in her hot days (see above pic).

I didn’t know she married Sean Penn.

actually, in 2014 Diamond said the song was about his then-wife Marsha, but he needed a three-syllable name to fit the melody

best explanation I could find

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

dont understand people, specially older people, not liking ND. However, to each their own. I get great pleasure listening to all his music except for song sung blue.

I like women and women singers...alot.

I like The Corrs and Shania Twain.

He should have called it Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

I prefer good music