Swayze Waters

Swayze Waters cut by the Lions earlier today. This allows the Lions to free up some cap space.

Bring him in.


Sorry, We don't need a kicker right now.
We will need one when the pressure is on and the game is on the line probably week 8 or 9. Then Austin's gambling on not paying an experienced kicker will contribute to 1 or 2 more losses. Oops, pessimist coming out of me again.
I'm sure the 14/17 in career field goal guy and 8 career GP we got will be awesome all year and won't mess up and if he does we have to be patient like we were with Maher. (ah that's more positive!)

Can Swayze pass block or maybe even cover recievers? We sure as hell don't need him for kicking converts. :lol:

I hoped for Waters last off season and again this year and it doesn't matter because this team simply doesn't believe in spending good money to have an excellent kicker rather than an ok one. But I get to take a break from caring about that as long as the games aren't close enough to be decided by field goals and the offence rarely moves into field goal range.

Imagine, if we had Will and Swayze Waters in the game we could kick the $h!t out of BC..... Think of it Lads. :thup: :cowboy:

If he becomes a Cat, does that mean I will have to stop referring to him as Swayze "Dirty Dancing" Waters?

You can call him "Roadhouse"....

Kicking is absolutely the least of our problems right now

It could be a really sweet gig for a guy like Waters here in Hamilton . I mean sure he would probably have to punt 8 or 9 times a game BUT with the way our Offence is he wouldn't have to worry at all when it comes to field goals or extra point attempts . I mean , think about it , this club rarely gets close enough to attempt a 3 pointer and in order to kick a convert you first have to score a TD . :o :roll: I'm not really to sure but I think that the field goal and extra point attempt must be on the endangered species list here in the Hammer this season because spotting one or the other is a rare occurrence indeed . :oops:

Sooo mean! May be true but mean.
Given that a decent kicker gets you anywhere from 30 to 35 percent of a team's points ( Calgary scored over 560pts last year, Paredes had just under 200pts) during a cfl year, having a decent one is pretty key to winning. If Castillo isn't the guy that can deliver close to these figures, (if we are at all serious about contending) then maybe Waters should be pursued. Otherwise where will the kind of points that can get us to playoffs come from?

Just for fun....courtesy of Wikipedia...

"Waters is not named after actor Patrick Swayze. His grandmother's maiden name was "Swayze" and that is for whom he is named."