Swayze Waters update ?

I would have thought this would be big news around the CFL. His huge leg for Kick Offs to the goaline, Huge Hang time and distance on punts as well as 50 yard FGs well within his range change a lot for the Argos Special teams if he is unable to go for a large portion of the season.
They brought Prefon back for this reason and Prefon accepted because Toronto is the best fit for him living in Toronto with a family but will he be a long term solution for FG kicker if Waters is out for awhile?
I would say as a punter for sure. FGs could they be looking to try some guys out. McKnight perhaps?

he's done, prob. 9 gamer

he’s done, prob. 9 gamer

Report on TSN/CFL is that Waters is expected to be out for about two weeks.With Prefon probably getting the vet CFL min could afford to keep Waters on the one game for awhile and when he does come back could see the same situation last year with prefon punting and Waters Kicking.

Waters is on the nine game injured list, but he looked fine walking around by the Argo bench the other night.
I would bring back Medlock. He is a free agent again and IMO one of the best CFL field goal kickers ever. For some reason he doesn't do well kicking off the turf as they do in the NFL, but on the CFL on artificial turf and a plastic marker he is very accurate with good distance.

Wow Medlock would be a steal could come in and handle the place kicking duties while Prefon handles punts. With Waters big leg in both punts and Kick offs really making a difference in returns and field position, especially on Kick Offs. The Riders went with an import also in Ricky S. Great punter but also huge leg on Kick Offs makes import Kicker well wlrth taking a DI spot.
Montreal still baffling as they still continue to trade field position in both punts and Kick offs to save a roster spot for an extra position player. Sean Whyte a top Place Kicker put doing all duties is not worth the extra position player

Agreed if available, Medlock would be my first choice but it would have to be a multi year deal so no more No Funners interruption.
If not, we need Waters back asap as Pre is only a patch work situation.

In the day of specialization for everything in football the one kicker does all is hurting teams. Using DI spot for a big leg has been worth it so far. If the Argos do grab Medlock and he does well the possibility of a trade to a team with a struggling kicker could be a possibility. Prefon is a ban aide for sure for all duties kicker. When he became just the punter for the Argos late last season leaving Waters with FG and KO’s paid off.
Medlock and Waters are place kickers by trade although they both did a pretty great job punting as well.