Swayze Waters released

Noticed Swayze Waters was released and I know last year we had Kenny Allen after Sergio Castillo was injured. Would it make sense to add Swayze Waters to the practice roster in case Lirim gets injured this season.

A veteran player like Waters is unlikely to accept a PR spot just in case we "might" need kicker at some point. If Hajrullahu should be injured then the team will likely find another kicker quickly as they did last season with Kenny Allen. Besides, the PR spots are needed to place players that they're trying to develop in case they need them to replace injured starters.

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The OP is not necessarily wrong. There have been "big-ticket" guys who wanted to play badly enough that they accepted a practice roster spot. Chad Kackert was on Toronto's PR for much of the 2016 season.

Surprised no on is upset the OP started a new thread for this. It should be added to a 73 pager under comments on Practice Roster rules. Page 34, sub section 3 , paragraph 2, Rules and practices of CFL football everyone should know. The Practice Roster.

I was happy to be informed of this kicker being available. This i did not know. Thanks for posting.

Regardless of rules, I’m surprised. He looked good on Friday, the new guy must have looked as good or better, and probably cheaper.

...and has a Canadian passport.

Aaahhh ha! Makes sense.

Except that it isn't up to the forum members to "police" other forum members. If you don't like or dont agree with something someone says, the correct response is to just ignore it.

Please don't insult other posters. This is not a hard rule to understand. Thank you.

A drawback of choosing not to have "Moderator" or "Team Owner" flair on your account is that from the perspective of a newbie/outsider, your post looks like a "regular user" doing exactly what you're asking other "regular users" not to do.

Pfeffer (the "new guy") did look a lot better than Waters last Friday, IMO. His kickoffs were deeper and near the sideline, and his punts were towering.

You have a fan forum that encourages the cordial exchange of ideas and (opposing) opinions, but you instruct posters to just ignore the comments of other posters that they don't agree with.

That makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Probably a better way to put it is to criticize the post, not the poster.

Good for Pfeffer, nice to see another National kicker that does all 3 kicking jobs. They seemed to be a dying breed for a while.

And I suspect that Pfeffer's hit to the salary cap is a lot less than Waters! The ratio implication sure doesn't hurt either.

They're one-and-the-same to me.

I feel there's a huge difference between saying "I think you're wrong and here's why" and "you're an idiot for saying that". No?

Lol I agree. I think this is the only forum on the entire internet where this is a recurring concern.

8)Ha, how right you are, and if you do criticize the post or poster, you get a warning from the so called mods on this site !! It is obvious you can say want you want and call people idiots on here, but you are the one to bear the brunt of the after effects on here when you dare criticize that party for insulting you in the first place !!! ::slight_smile: The good old days are long gone on this site !!

No wonder that most of the good old time intelligent football fans are gone from here !! :-[