Swayze Waters a B.C. Lion

Would have liked to see him at camp in Hamilton. That dude is solid (when healthy* - bad hip in 2015). Still has lots of leg left in him and he is versatile as a kicker and a punter with long range. He has been inactive since being cut by the Carolina Panthers last year at training camp.

Waters led the league in kicking points (192), field goals (47) and punt average (47.7 yards) in 2014, the first player to accomplish the feat since Lui Passaglia in 1983. He was also good on 90.4 per cent of his field goal attempts that year.

What's wrong with the kicker we've got ???

Brett Maher is an American kicker who currently is on the TiCat roster. He is amazingly average. He's slow getting the punts off, which leads to blocked kicks. His directional kicking and onside kicks were less than stellar. He's no Medlock or Waters.
Perhaps in the salary cap era, he was the best choice at his salary point but good kickers win games. In my opinion, we didn't have a good enough kicker last year. :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


As a former OUAA kicker I watch this part of the game with particular interest. Waters is the most talented one I've seen in a long time. Maher has the abilitys, just needs to commit to getting better.