Swahgade's picks for weeks 8 and 9

This might be a bit of an abuse of the forum but I will not be able to access a computer for the next two weeks and I want to make sure Big Dave gets my picks.

Big Dave,

Thanks for running the VGCC. It's great. I am going on vacation for two weeks and want to ensure that I get my picks in. Since you don't have week 8 up yet, I will send them in by PM and copy them to the board for everyone to see.

Week 8: BC over Calgary
Saskatchewan over Edmonton

Week 9: Winnipeg over Toronto
Montreal over Hamilton.

I see no problem with it but a PM would have been just as good :wink:

Roger that!

A PM, or an entry in the current VGCC thread, are both acceptable methods of getting your picks for future weeks entered.

I wouldn't consider a separate thread an abuse of the forum, but there's no guarantee that I'll see it.