Well, usually when a nickname is self appointed, backfire comes to mind. If it's named by someone other than the subject, it seems to hold a bit more weight. As of the third quarter tonight, I'm thinking "Ordinaryville would be more appropriate, then after labour day, Backtothedrawingboardville will likely be more suited . :lol: :lol: :lol:

You do realize that there are keys other than B L A H - B L A H and B L A H on the keyboard don't you?

...lol :lol:

2 forced turnovers and they stopped the Ticats on 3rd down to preserve the win. No one said it had to be pretty but they shut the other team down when it counted most. Can't say that about the Ticats D though - gave up a couple first downs allowing Wpg to run off time on the clock, especially with lousy tackling on Denmark, they've given up 30 plus point games the last 3 weeks, and got a win vs the argos not because the D shut down the argos but because of a fumble by a TO receiver and bad penalties by Murphy on the final drive. That's ordinary, not a D that's helped their team to a 7-1 record.



yup. GUESS HE LEARNED HIS LESSON… so should some others.

Think Brent Johnson did.

One bad game - which included 7 points and would probably be considered the best performance by the Riders D all season if they were wearing green - doesn't mean a whole lot. Call them ordinaryville if you want, as long as you call them 7-1, and after labour day, I think 8-1 will likely be more suited

He was on the field trying to run across before Pierce even took the final knee. Dude couldn't wait to get into the locker room. Kevin Glenn wasn't far behind him.. he shook hands with a few people but he wasn't out there longer than necessary that's for sure.

NICE! Yap all week, crap the bed and run…attaboy Dave… :thup:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

Whoa wait a minute........hold on there Starbuck23; Winnipeg prevails 25-17 over the Riders in Regina :cowboy:

From Doug Brown's column in the FP:

A fourth aversion to the "swag," is that many people think it is premature to not only name yourself with more than half a season to go, but to give a name to any group or unit that has not been baptized in championship glory. [b]While for the most part I agree with this standpoint, if you look back to the origins of the phrasing, the players did not anoint themselves with this name. From my recollections, it was a coach on this football team a few years back that implored the players to play with a "swagger" on the field, to believe in themselves and perform with the upmost confidence. They just ran with it and the rest is history.[/b]
The whole column is at this link: [url]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/why-some-people-hate-swaggerville-128658938.html[/url]

This Swaggerville thing isn't harming anyone. Winnipegers are excited about their team and the players are enjoying their season so far. I don't understand the issue that some have. I much rather see a team call themselves Swaggerville than Canada's team, that one I find offensive.

I say enjoy your season Bomber fans and players that is what it is all about ! :thup:

Yup, some people seem to forget that football is just for fun and entertainment afterall.

everyone is just anoyed their team didnt think of it first.

Most people also forget that the most of the profits on the whole swaggerville goes to charity. Fun on the field and charitable off it.

its smart and creative and they are doing well, the team is popular again in winnipeg.. solid 26000 id say avg attendance per year.. maybe a bit more or less, crowd support in wpg is always good but.. hey swaggerville could be also responsible, oh you know they are... for putting more asses in the seats too.. GOOD TO SEE..

huge bomber fan, lots of people like me,dont miss a game,EVER..just cant get tickets always either because of say work or other commitments.. the day off or even after with afternoon games... swaggerville is a good thing. i get out to 4 on avg.. this year just the last one.. so far.. mtl too but.. yup.. lots of us cant go every game, this notion that there are 5000 bandwagon fans is ridiculous... for every 5000 "bandwagon" fan, theres 5000 more who cant always go to every game.

manitoba needs new license plates.. FRIENDLY MANITOBA can be replaced by... WELCOME TO SWAGGERVILLE!!

Why would you want to promote Sask. on your license plates???????????????????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Don't you wish you listened when you talk to yourself. Would save you a lot of embarasement. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

...Say Taleback.....Killer is a Bomber fan....this is a Bomber site... He's entitled to his opinion..I wouldn't go 'calling' out any fan on this site or you could become what is known as a 'troll' and suffer the consequences...You are a rider fan...take your thoughts to the riders site....No more nice guys around here :wink:

Looks who’s got the SWAG now pappa, looks good on u :wink: