Swaggerville vs Ticats Game day Thread- Info Predictions-

Swaggerville quickly becoming a great story for the CFL this season, as it good to see a CITY rally behind its team and support it. I think the idea is great and support the idea and am even thinking of purchasing some Swaggerville gear. Even though I am a fan of a different team it does not preclude me from admiring Swaggerville and the great job that Lapolice and company have done in rebuilding this team. Nothing but first class men running this organization with accountability, hard work, consistency and reliability.

I am eager to see the Bombers win on Friday Night. I feel that with Tim Burke the Bombers might have a little secret weapon vs GLENN. From Burkes days in 2009 and 2010 as Montreal Defensive Coordinator he has OWNED Kevin Glenn. Burke beat Kevin Glenn's ticats 4 out of 5 matches and also Glenn was pulled in 3 of the losses-- Add the fact that Burke with a new defense again got GLENN pulled out of the game in week 1 that bodes well for BURKE as he seems to understand GLENN.

Glenn is a Finesse QB- He can move the ball vs weaker defenses but when he plays the tough smash mouth defenses he struggles especially after half time- In games vs CALGARY and WINNIPEG GLENN has failed to score in the 2nd halves of both games-

I believe MO MANN is out for this game and no more BRUCE-- Would that not mean that Heffney can eliminate STALA or SUBER. Chris Williams the rookie phenom will get outmuscled by Heffney who will play street ball and essentially overpwer Williams- Javon JOhnson should dominate his matchup vs B Grant or Aaron kelly.
I dont think Cobourne will do much-
The Win front 7 should blast through, all you need is pressure up the middle on GLENN as he has bad knees and is not tall enough to throw over the top of a taller d lineman.

I feel the Bombers are being disrespected in this game as people are saying they are going to letdown and have been overacheivers and lucky.
Offensively i like the mix of receivers, every one can make a play, and different guys step up weekly.

I dont agree with those people and think the bombers will play a solid defensive game and I think they can handle Hamilton.

...I think this game is going to be close....Two very good defences...If there's a weakness in the Cats D, it's their secondary...Buck could'/should take advantage of it..Glenns quick release can help out his receiving corps IF he gets on a roll he can do some damage...I wouldn't worry about him taking off as he would be foolish to test the Bombers D and their strength.... Avon is going to find it tough running against the Bombers as will Fred against their solid guys upfront...Carr being inserted into the line-up is going to give the Cats fits...I look for Buck to have a strong passing game and this could be the difference .. I'm hoping the refs. aren't noticeable and they let the teams play....Should be a gooder :thup: :rockin:

Complacency effects a lot of teams. Many good teams usually have some kind of mental letdown and play down to the level of the opposition.

The difference between a GOOD and a GREAT TEAM is that Great teams take care of business every week. Great teams are methodical, meticulous, well prepared, organized and execute their assignments.

We are going to find out if the BOMBERS are a GREAT TEAM or a GOOD TEAM.

I am not in Winnipeg and I dont attend their practices so I cannot speak for the motivation, but I feel that this GAME is probably one of the biggest in years as it will DEFINE which direction the season goes.
To be dominant you have to BEAT your division RIVALS and I think a good TICAT beating would signify to the rest of the CFL that the BOMBERS are serious CONTENDORS for a GREY CUP---

I just feel with the crowd and this version of Swaggerville we might see something special from the defense tomorrow which should translate into a WIN for Swaggerville.

Luckily for us Ti-cat fans (Because most of you bomber fans will be at the game) it will be Rod Smith taking over for Black in the play-by-play for this game.

It should be a close game, regardless of who wins. :thup:

Agree on the close game and there's no reason to doubt that this one will end up like their earlier encounter and so many other bomber games this season - quick start for Ticats and bombers clawing their way back and taking things over in the 2nd half. I expect Glenn to have some success moving the ball early on but the physical play by the blue secondary to punish the younger and relatively inexperienced TiCat receivers, much like we saw happen vs the Eskies.

see... now papa has jinxed it. Isn't it always a rule that once you say someone says not to expect this team or other to have a good run game because of the other teams ability to stop the run that their running back suddenly puts up 100-150 yards? Neither has had a true break out game this season statwise but I have a feeling at least one of Avon or FredEx will get it tomorrow. I'm hoping on Freddie. As for Carr, here's hoping we see a return of his 2010 form tomorrow nite. His 2011 has been uneventful as he didn't play much, if at all, during preseason, didn't do much vs the Cats in game 1 before getting hurt, and has been off recovering and trying to get back into the lineup since. He's big and has 4-5 inches on most of the ticats secondary personnel so he should present a nice target for Buck indeed.

Hope this doesn't come down to the kicking game but it might. I like Palardy, but medlock may be the more consistent kicker.

no predictions but will say this..

all the pressure is on hamilton in this one..

30,000 +++ fans, loud as well its ever been, ontario teams arent used to playing infront of large loud crowds.. UNFORTUNATELY.

but the real reason why all the pressure is on hamilton.

we are 6-1. they are 4-3. we play them 3 times this year.. we have won 1 already.. 1-0. we win tomorrow.. well thats the season series.. and ofcourse being 7-1 for the blue and 4-4 for the cats, thats quite a few games back.. it really is.. no doubt i think wpg, montreal and hammy make the playoffs but if i was a ticat fan, i'd be very concerned if we lost to winnipeg tomorrow/late tonight.

9-9 the last 2 years... lose to the bombers... BACK TO .500 again.

if u want a prediction... bombers win by more than a touchdown.

Medlock hasn't kicked here in a while. Some may think I'm silly for it this year, but if it's going to come down to the kicking game I'll put Palardy against anyone in the CFL. Medlock is probably the only one I'd have to think about though.. he's awesome. But I think Palardy did more than enough last year to warrant some respect rather than people wanting him cut after a couple misses.

The kid made 87% of his field goals as a 22 year old last year and if you want to go by career FG% he's still #1 on the Bombers' all-time list.. small sample size but it is what it is.

There was an updated depth chart put up later yesterday:

This one has Doe listed as starting, not M. Johnson at WILL.

Getting fired up for Swaggerville- I think they gonna get fired up bigtime, but can they start better as in most games they are trailing early on and then take over after that.

I will be interesting to see Burke vs Glenn, I think Burke wins this matchup as he usually does vs Glenn.

Apparently the team has announced that a mistake was made on the depth chart due to a communication error - M. Johnson will be starting and Doe is a back-up. The depth chart at the website hasn't been updated yet though.