Swaggerville - Misunderstood?


This is what it is really about, people take it out of context and until this year, the concept still exsisted but was only for Bomber fans as it should be.

The media has taken this way too far, and i think this needed to be said.


Deeds Speak !!

I dunno, I think they need to lay off this whole swaggerville for a while.

Jealousy is not healthy cflisthebest, just because the tsn panel isnt kissing the riders arse 24/7.

You should lay off the forum until you graduate high school. :lol:

You've got to help me with this one, Nick. I watched the video but what JJ was saying doesn't match the accepted definition of the word swagger which almost always includes the suggestion of aggression and arrogance.

Perhaps the word is being used differently in some circles but - if there is any complaint with the term "'swaggerville" then a good measure of the fault has to be with those choosing to use it in a manner that is outside the norm. It's kind of like saying that, among my friends, red really means purple. My friends may get it but the majority of English speakers will think that I'm pretty odd.

So, I accept that this can be the case with some users of the term. Of course, you must admit, there are also people using it IN the sense of arrogance/aggression because - like many fans - they go over the top.

Swaggerville is just a terrible name. It’s too easy to mock, to mutate. It doesn’t bring any positive connitations, it doesn’t bring to mind toughness. It’s not even a clever play on names like “The Riderhood”. With a name like “Blue Bombers”, there can be a number nicknames with a military theme (say something like Bomber Command).

The worse thing about this, is that it will migrate to the Winnipeg Jets, you just know it will…

they will do anything to take their minds of the mosquitos.

Personally, I would call it Swatville :slight_smile:

Mark you are correct. The majority of fans in the CFL think its cockiness or arrogance, it isnt like that at all. Its a group of men who have confidence, to play football you need swagger to an extent. The "Swag" merchandise is being sold with the proceeds going to the coach Richard Harris fund.

True Bomber fans have been trying to say this all along, Papa, Pigs, Blue Blood, Lets go Blue, and all the others, we have been villainated by the media, by them playing up the Swaggerville thing and im not OK with that.

Cause oki wee wee oski wah wah brings to mind toughness....... :wink:

Im personally ok with swatville, but it has nothing to do with mosquitos :wink:

that too :slight_smile:

:lol: Hamilton is my second favourite team, but I cringe whenever I hear that chant. :?

Johnson names the Steel Curtain in the video, and that was a cool nickname. Swaggerville isn't, and like Mark said, it's too easy to be mistaken or taken out of context. You didn't have that problem with Steel Curtain.

There are very few cool nicknames in sports. I think it's backer who keeps calling Messam the Undertaker, and I can't stand it.

It's good to get called out on certain things as I do get carried away and run with a thought that pops into my mind. Also now upon thinking further; In essense this is really a put down in more ways than one as there is only one person that is known as The Undertaker: My apology goes out to Mark Calaway of the WWE.

I don't have any issues with the Swaggerville thing, but I do think by using it they make it open game to be criticized when they don't live up to it. Very easily mocked as well.

Hey I get it and I think it's great. It's fun. It's like the Steel Curtain or Sask's 80s defense Gang Green. But to say that it's ONLY for the Bomber fans? Come on man. They print up a bunch of t-shirts and talk swag all the time. What do you expect? Of course the media is going to report it. Publicity is good for the charity, right? Of course other team's fans are going to talk back. The Bombers are allowed to glance down at the sideline camera after every series and say, "swag! swag! ... swag-swag!" LITERALLY every series (watch the BC game). But Dave Stala has to shut up?

Why is swaggerville just a little fun, but Stevie Baggs is a disrespectful punk who needs to stfu?

You can swag all you want, but smack is a 2 way street. If you wanna throw 'em, be ready to take 'em. Swag started this whole thing.

The players are fine. The players get it. The Bombers seem to have a really good bunch of guys. I respect them highly. Jovon Johnson and Ian Logan in particular have spoken very well.

And many of the fans have too. But there's a select handful that get uptight about their swag. Uptight isn't fun (although it's funny to observe at times). If swaggerville is just fun, prove it. Have fun and let the rest of us have fun back at you.

And sure, now and then, there is some genuine "swaghate". I've seen a couple of Rider posters and even some Hamilton posters with definitely a bit of animosity, but it's not a ton. So what? Let it go. Have fun.

I have no issue with the Swaggerville thing...I think it is great. It gets under skins to some degree and it is a team building/unity thing, provides some extra media exposure, maybe creates some new merch, etc...mission accomplished...great...
What upsets me is comments such as the one on here about "at least ours is original" because, A) who cares, and B) it is not...It has been used in a few locations. For instance...I happen to have a Wolverines jersey hanging in my home office, and it is #5 with "SWAGGERVILLE" and has the fortune of being signed be Weber, Jackson, Howard, Rose, and King...so it was clearly used by the fab 5

Stevie Baggs, Dave Stala, Brent Johnson, Avon Cobourne, and Paris Jackson have ALLcalled out swaggerville, and have all been silenced. You want to throw stones? Why not choose something else, this is something that IS for Bomber fans and players, not for anybody else. The group has raised money for the Richard Harris fund, and make football fun, sue them! :rockin:


Nick, I just want ONE thing straight. ARe you saying that it is ok for the Bombers to talk their swag but it is not ok for anyone else to talk back? I just want to know, simple answer.

One thing is for certain about Swaggerville; it brings out the whiners in people.

How many times have you heard when a team in any sport has a bounce back game after a downturn "boy, the ______ sure seem to have their swagger back"? (Okay, it's not all that common of a saying but I've heard it more than a coupla times throughout the years.)

A coupla guys on the Bombers started saying Swaggerville and ran with it. It promotes the team, it promotes the CFL, it raises money, it gives opponents something to talk (whine) about and as mentioned before it builds team unity. What's the big deal? Oh yeah … there isn't one.

I got the full brunt of Swaggerville in Bombertown while whatching the Esks vs Bombers game. My response to them was "I guess you guys don't win much" and hope that Buck stays healthy .