Swaggerville Closed For Rest of Season?


In an effort to get his team focused on Friday’s game with the Toronto Argonauts at Canad Inns Stadium, Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice told reporters Monday that coaches and players will be fined [$5] if they utter the term "first place" this week.


Interesting tactic

I agree, for a franchise that hasn't won a Championship in 21 years,it's time to shut up and Win a cup. We our at the point that nothing else is acceptable.

Kasps! Where you been? How are ya?

Oh, and I agree with you. Except that 'our' should be spelled 'are'. But that's all...the rest is good.

Right you are on my grammar. I post from time to time. Some of the threads on the main board are so ridiculous that I just shake head. The Bombers need to pound the Argos this week and get this offense on a roll, headed towards the playoffs.

Closed for ever! Oh Well, the Cubs still do well at the gate!