you can argue that we have had nothing to be cocky about but hear me out... everyone knows that a football player needs confidence , maybe even a little tad of arrogance..that being said, i just viewed the youtube video of our newest receiver. the video was quite amusing and there is no doubt in my mind the he does not lack self esteem. this could be either good or bad for us. his cockiness could segregate him from his team mates OR (what i think will happen) his cockiness will rub off on some of our "play makers". thus giving them the cockiness that is needed in order to believe that NOBODY can stop them. what do you think?

Some Cockyness is good, however you need to have the goods to back it up. An example is Matt Dunagan, he was very cocky to the point I didn't care for him much. Even when he came to Hamilton,but when you are that good and you have the goods to back it up it's ok.

For a while, I thought you meant cockneyness. I didn`t know that we needed Britons on our team...

BUT - would they count for NI status? lol

Swagger is good if you can back it up. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

In just the right amount it's a good thing but exceed the limit and you look like a bunch of amateur showboaters. I can't stomach the choreographed touchdown celebration dances in the endzone. It makes the whole league look bush.

Agree Again :wink:

What the heck did this guy do LAST YEAR???

Don't get me wrong...if he Sticks and can make plays I don't care if he sings and dances on his head...but look at guys like Milt Stegall...just gets the job done with no "dancing"! :thup:

A couple of teams in the CFL when they score a touchdown look like this celebrating in the endzone:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzzzVHUoSRE&mode=related&search=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzzzVHUo ... ed&search=[/url]

You need anything but what Jason Maas looks like now, he just exudes the opposite of cockiness. Why, well who knows.

The most important thing about being cocky, is knowing when to let the cock out of the bag.

whoever the latest, next discard is, mccards or whatever his name is, just because you think that he's cocky or arrogant does not necessarily mean it will rub off on his teammates. a new guy needs to earn his teammates respect first before his cockiness will rub off on them. that's not the way you get swagger-from some chump coming in from the nfl, he needs to fall in line with the rest of his teammates
first,the guys have to want this guy as a teammate
and he actually needs to get into a game and go to war with the rest of the team before he rubs off on them. oh yeah, you also need to play well to have a swagger. you'll see the team play with swagger when their o-line physically dominates in the trenches
for 60 minutes because after all, that is where the game is won and lost right?

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