Sutton to start

In an interview today, Coach O says Sutton will start. Good choice!

Brings experience…good blocker…and I’m predicting more action than Marshall got last week.

I would hope more action than Marshall got last week.

Awesome that he is starting. Let’s hope Sutton plays one of the best games of his life and the Cats bring home the Cup ??

Could very well be his last game & last shot at a ring. Now that’s motivation


Can you imagine Sutton holding up the Cup and saying, Oskee Wee Wee Muthf**#%^*… Priceless ?

Sutton has been super impressive in his time as a Cat. Reminds me with his toughness of White.

Works out fair enough giving Marshall the Eastern Final and Sutton the Grey Cup.

I expect every Cat to play the game of their lives. 8)

I agree ??

Sutton said he game here for a cup

  1. That would indeed be priceless :smiley:

Lets hope it happens !!!

I see that Cameron Marshall had 50 carries for 307 yards with an average of 6.1 yards per carry in four regular season games this year. Tyrell Sutton had 35 carries for 203 yards with an average of 5.8 yards per carry in four regular season games.

How would you compare the two tailbacks otherwise? How do they differ? What are their relative strengths and weaknesses?


Both strong tough dudes.

But Sutton is another level tough guy with more experience. Both runners would excel for us.

Thinking this might be Sutton’s last game and he’s thinking of that possibility as well. I fully expect he’s going to hold absolutely nothing back

Sutton played really well against the Bombers - it’s a great choice!